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From Decanters to Carafes: Coffee Gadget Questions Answered

When it comes to making a quality cup of coffee, you need to use the right tools. You have probably heard a lot of fancy terms being used in reference to coffee gadgets and gizmos that have left you scratching your head in puzzlement. Never fear! We would like to help you make sense of these terms, so you can sound just like a seasoned coffee professional yourself. Not only that, but you will also be able to make more educated purchase decisions, so you can choose the most appropriate coffee making products and tools.   What is a Carafe? Bunn 1.9L Deluxe Thermal Carafe BLACKA carafe is a container usually made from glass, or sometimes from stainless steel, where the coffee drips into, and is used to serve the coffee once it is ready. The side of the carafe usually has cup measurements that can be used to determine how much water has to be added to the coffee maker. It also has a handle for easy pouring, and a removable lid, therefore, a carafe makes it easy to bring your coffee to the table, and allow people to serve themselves.   What is a Pod Brewer? Bunn Autopod AutoPOD BrewerIf you love coffee, but don’t want to grind beans, then a pod coffee brewer is an excellent option for you. Pod brewers eliminate waste by brewing one fresh cup at a time using enclosed coffee pods that are easy to place in the machine, and dispose of once the beverage brews. This is similar to the way you use a teabag with a cup of tea.     What is an Airpot? Bunn AirpotAn airpot is a large, thermal canister used to hold coffee for a long time while staying hot. It holds in heat very well, so you don’t need to put a warming plate underneath. Most have a fairly large capacity, and can hold several quarts of coffee at a time. They also generally have a dispensing spout, so you can serve the coffee as it sits on the table. While airpots are not particularly used in the home, they come in very useful at restaurants and offices, and even for producing coffee while outdoors.   What is a Decanter? Glass Coffee DecanterWhile carafes and decanters are similar, there are some key differences. A decanter is a vessel for storing wine or coffee. However, unlike the carafe, a decanter has a stopper and does not have measurements on it. A decanter generally has a larger bowl at its base as well as a narrower neck. Decanters make serving clean and convenient, and hold coffee at the proper temperature for longer.   Here are just a few of the common coffee gadget questions. Have you come across any confusing coffee making terms in your experience? Please share them with us right here, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. For all of your coffee needs, from original brews to machines, mixes, and accessories, visit CoffeeAM today. Check back for more fun facts and helpful tips, so you can shop smarter!
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