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Featuring Our New Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Blends

The popularity of cold brew and iced coffee has been growing by leaps and bounds for the past few years. Though just about any coffee can be used to make either version, having a coffee that is designed specifically for cold brew or iced coffee makes it even better.

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In case you missed it, our new lines of cold brew blends and iced coffee blends have been handcrafted just for you. Each blend features a distinct flavor profile that will keep you coming back for more. But which of these delicious blends is right for you? Let's take a look!

Iced Coffee Blends

With four new Iced Coffee Blends, two of them available in both regular and decaf, you can choose just one or try all four. Each is designed to be full of flavor and tastes delicious when served over ice.

Organic Nature's Gift Iced Coffee Blend

For those of you who are driven to put the planet first, our Organic Nature's Gift Iced Coffee Blend is a perfect choice. Because it is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals means this certified organic coffee is better for you and for Mother Earth. But how does it taste?

Choose Organic Nature's Gift when you want something that is light and refreshing. Sweet notes of bright fruits are tempered nicely with just a hint of toasted nuts. You'll lose yourself in the smoothness of this well-balanced coffee. Also available in "Swiss Water" decaf, this is bound to be a new favorite.

Renew Iced Coffee Blend

So, now is the ideal opportunity to take a little break from everything and spend some time on yourself. Pour yourself a tall glass of our Renew Iced Coffee Blend and relax. Extremely flavorful on its own, try adding a little sugar and milk to really bring out those hidden flavors.

This heavy and complex blend is surprisingly delicious when poured over ice. Layers of flavor unfold to keep your taste buds satisfied. Earthy, syrupy, and full-bodied, you're sure to enjoy the tasty notes of dark chocolate, floral herbs, and juicy stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, and cherries. Choose either regular or decaf and treat the inner you.

Spirit Revive Iced Coffee Blend

Spirit Revive Iced Coffee Blend is extraordinarily rich and incredibly smooth with a brightness and clean taste that work to strike a perfect balance. Refresh and rejuvenate is delightfully delicious any time of day. Available in both regular and decaf.

Tropical Refresh Iced Coffee Blend

You deserve a tropical retreat. With our Tropical Refresh Iced Coffee Blend, your journey will start with distinct aromas of warm baking spices and flavorful notes of alluring cinnamon cardamom, and cloves. The low acidity balances out the bold flavors to make this the perfect iced coffee to enjoy on its own or with any meal.

Cold Brew Blends

Our four new Cold Brew Blends are each crafted for lots of flavor. Whether you enjoy them hot or cold the incredible smoothness of these blends will keep you satisfied.

Coastal Calm Cold Brew Blend

Find your ultimate calm with our Coastal Calm Cold Brew Blend. The delight mix of Central American beans creates a sense of tranquility. Rich notes of delightful chocolate and caramel mingle for a perfect cup any time. Available in both regular and decaf, enjoy this blend on its own or with a favorite meal.

Calming Storm Cold Brew Blend

Isn't it cool to sit and watch a mild thunderstorm pass by? If so, our Calming Storm Cold Brew Blend is for you. This blend of pure arabica beans from Africa is exotic and fragrant with classic notes of earthy spices and herbs. The lingering sweetness at the finish will have you relaxing for a well-deserved break. Available in both regular and decaf, you can enjoy day and night!

Paradise Peace Cold Brew Blend

Take matters into your own hands and manifest the peace you crave with our Paradise Peace Cold Brew Blend. This delightful blend of Central American beans is extremely flavorful. You'll happily make the time to relax and appreciate the mouthwatering notes of cinnamon sprinkled peach, orange, and cherry that are naturally found in this light and refreshing blend.

Delicious hot or cold, plain or with your favorite milk or sugar substitutes, an afternoon sipping this brew will have you enjoying your own peaceful paradise.

Organic Caribbean Breeze Cold Brew Blend

Do you really love cold brew but are also concerned about the planet? You can be eco-conscious while getting your caffeine with our Organic Caribbean Breeze Cold Brew Blend. This delicious blend is made from a delightful mix of pure arabica beans grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. This makes it better for both you and the environment.

Smooth and sweet with low acidity, this rich and silky blend has delectable notes of milk chocolate and toasted nuts. Relax and enjoy the refreshing flavors of the Caribbean wash over you.

Whether you prefer iced coffee or cold brew, with these new blends to choose from, you're sure to find one or two you'll really enjoy. To learn how to make the tastiest cold brew or iced coffee, check out our Cafe@Home and our cold brew post and this iced coffee recipe.

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