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DIY Tuesday: Wedding Day Coffee Bar

Nowadays, having a creative, absolutely unique wedding is every new bride’s dream. Coming up with creative ways to add a personal touch to the big day is a must. One trend that has recently been popping up in weddings is a coffee bar, a twist on a traditional buffet.

What is it?

For a wedding, a coffee bar is a specially designed beverage station, with several different types of coffee, as well as syrup mix-ins, toppings, and side snack accompaniments. It’s the perfect pick-you-up at the end of a late reception, or as the starring feature of a morning reception. If a cocktail hour or open bar is not really your style, then a stunning coffee bar is a creative alternative.


Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 3.56.39 PM
(image via Style Me Pretty, photography by Kristyn Hogan )
The key to a successful coffee bar is personalization. From the cups to the table setting, you should have a cohesive look that ties in to your overall wedding color scheme/theme, and is reflective of your personal style. For example, if you have a rustic, country theme, then a wooden table may be more appropriate then a sleek, glass table. The coffee bar should also have an inviting feel to attract the attention of guests. You can create this by displaying bright, custom signs and labels for each item. Another nice touch would be to utilize personalized ceramic mugs, which can also be used as wedding favors, or tall, to-go cups with monogrammed coffee sleeves. Alternately, you could provide pens and colored markers to allow guests to customize their own mugs and cups! In addition, you may want to create your signature flavor for even more character.

The Drinks?

Obviously, an amazing coffee bar would not be complete without—coffee! In that regard, you can certainly relax with the help of CoffeeAM. No matter what flavor profile you are looking for, we have an impressive selection of gourmet coffee available in wholesale quantities to accommodate your party needs. You can choose from coffee blends, flavored coffees, decaf coffees, organic coffees, espresso, and coffees from around the world. Take your guests on a flavorful field trip with a rich cup of butter pecan coffee, to a Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend, then perhaps to a Tanzania Peaberry. The possibilities are endless! Complete your coffee with marvelous mix-ins like gourmet sauces and unique and classic coffee syrups from the most trusted brands in the business, whether it’s a smooth and nutty hazelnut syrup, or even a toasted marshmallow syrup. Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 5.57.29 PM             Butter Pecan Flavored Coffee           Monin Toasted Marshmallow Syrup Finish it all off with a simple selection of baked goods, such as biscotti, mini muffins, or cookies that pair well with a hot cup of coffee. It may be helpful to expedite the coffee service with the help of a professional barista, who may also be able to create beautiful coffee art to enhance the experience. Putting together a fun and elegant coffee bar for your wedding is much easier than you think, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. With the right tools and supplies, you will be on your way to giving your guests a refreshing and truly memorable experience. Remember, for all of your coffee needs, CoffeeAM is your one-stop shop!
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