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Curious Coffees to Perk You Up

If you talk to coffee aficionados, they will most likely have very strong opinions about the best way to take a cup of coffee. Some prefer it black without any added ingredients, while others like it with some cream and sugar. Still another category of coffees is flavored coffees. While flavored coffee may seem like a recent innovation, it has really been around for many centuries. In ancient times, people used flavoring to hide the bitterness of inferior quality coffee beans, but today, unique flavors are used to actually enhance and complement the natural flavors of the coffee. Some of these coffee flavors are a little more unusual and unexpected than others, and if you’re ready to venture out of your comfort zone and try a few, than CoffeeAM has you covered! Maple Bacon Flavored Coffee Looking for a fresh way to start the day? You can’t go wrong with this smooth combination—mouthwatering maple syrup, crisp country bacon, and gourmet Arabica coffee beans. When you put these ingredients together, it feels like hot breakfast in a cup. The perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness, without any overpowering flavor makes maple bacon coffee a surprisingly yummy treat any time of the day. Our very own Roastmaster small batch roasts these beans, and for ultimate freshness, the beans are packaged in a heat-sealed valve bag, and shipped the very same day. Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee If you’re in the mood for a coffee with a kick to replace your traditional cup, then we’ve got just the right one. This Latin-inspired flavor is comprised of a mixture of taco spices and a meaty essence. While it may sound bizarre, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with each sip of this exciting combination. As freshness is top priority, each batch is freshly roasted to order and shipped on the same day. Cinnamon Sweet Potato Swirl Flavored Coffee This may sound like a savory dish fit for your Thanksgiving table, but it’s actually a satisfying coffee flavor that can be enjoyed all year long. It brings together cinnamon spice, fluffy marshmallows, sweet honey, warm butter, hints of sweet potato, and of course gourmet Arabica coffee beans. It has an enticing aroma, and well-balanced nutty flavor that actually pairs quite well with desserts like pies and pastries. For optimal freshness, cinnamon sweet potato swirl flavored coffee is fresh roasted the same day that it ships. Don’t be afraid to explore these offbeat flavored coffees that just may surprise you, as well as your friends and family. For an extensive selection of flavored coffees to satisfy anyone’s tastes whether sweet or spicy, please visit us today at CoffeeAM, and be sure to explore our wide range of gourmet coffees from all over the world.
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