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Country Spotlight: Guatemala and ASOBAGRI Fair-Trade Coffee

We've just received a fresh order of Fair-Trade, green coffee beans from Huehuetenango, Guatemala!  Located far north of the capital, the coffee beans were grown by the Asociación Barillense de Agricultores, also known as ASOBAGRI. ASOBAGRI is a perfect example of a successful Fair-Trade cooperative.  It began in 1989 as a collection of 20 coffee and cardamom farmers who wanted to help improve their community.  Despite having to deal with political violence and other factors that hampered their initial progress, ASOBAGRI managed to grow and thrive. Today, ASOBAGRI has over 900 members that all grow high-quality, shade-grown organic coffee that utilizes organic compost for all-natural flavor.  Plus, over 200 more future members are in the process of making the transition to growing organic coffee.  More importantly, ASOBAGRI gives back to their community.  Over 160 children have received ASOBAGRI scholarships to attend school at all levels (including university).  They also give out school materials and provide tutors.  Furthermore, the cooperative provides financial support and emergency care to families in need, such as after a natural disaster. ASOBAGRI's success comes not only from the fantastic coffee growers, but also from the coffee buyers like you.  Neri Molina of the ASOBAGRI cooperative says, "Fair Trade allows small farmers to have greater access to the coffee market and opportunities for growth. Participating in Fair Trade signifies a high commitment to quality, productivity and the environment, as well as support for farmers and their families. Our coffee producers would like consumers to understand their Fair Trade purchases help improve the lives of small farmers here. They have the power to help us." You have the power to help ASOBAGRI and other Fair-Trade cooperatives.  All you have to do is order Fair-Trade Guatemalan Coffee or any other Fair-Trade Coffee.  It's a piece of cake, and both you and the coffee growers benefit!  Order your Fair-Trade Coffee today and make a difference in a community!
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