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Coffee With Culture: Ethnic Brews From All Over the World

In today’s global market, coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded commodity, just after oil. It is vital to the growth and survival of the economies of several nations, providing jobs for millions. It has also consistently been one of the top three most popular beverages worldwide. We’ve taken you on a journey through some of the notable coffee-producing nations, and given you a glimpse into how coffee is even consumed in different ways in different places. Everything from the climate of a region to the quality of the soil and the precise altitude at which the coffee grows, can factor into the ultimate quality and flavor of the coffee produced. This is what gives coffee from each country its distinctive characteristics. Here is a little taste of a few particular coffee brews by continent that we think you should certainly experience for your self. North America (Mexico) Organic Mexico ‘Altura Tollan’ Fair-Trade Coffee Organic Mexico Altura Tollan Fair Trade Coffee This smooth, full-flavored, mellow brew grows at high altitudes in the rich volcanic soils of the Chiapas region of Mexico. The tropical weather conditions provide ideal conditions for encouraging slow maturity of the coffee plant, so that each bean is thoroughly enriched with flavor. Mayan farmers, who cultivate the coffee cherries without the use of chemicals or pesticides, tend to the plantations where this coffee is grown. Besides being a balanced, aromatic brew, this is a fair-trade product, which means it supports these farmers and their communities. The flavor has a peppery chocolaty flavor, which is not overpowering or bitter, and leaves no aftertaste.   South America (Panama) Panama Boquete Coffee  Panama Boquete CoffeeThis light-medium roast coffee has a distinctly earthy flavor with a high acidity and hints of sweetness. As soon as you brew a batch of this special coffee, a strong, refreshing aroma fills the air. Panama Boquete is grown in the part of Panama where there is high precipitation and plenty of shade protection. This allows the coffee beans to grow at a slower pace, thus encapsulating the flavor. Like the Altura Tollan coffee, Panama Boquete flourishes in rich, volcanic soil and at higher altitudes.   Asia (Yemen) Yemen ‘Arabian Mocca’ Coffee  Yemen Arabian Mocca CoffeeIn a mountainous region of southern Yemen, a nation located in Western Asia, grows this coffee, one of the world’s oldest cultivated coffees. Thriving in rich soils of mountain terraces, this gourmet brew has a full body, with a slight smokiness, rich chocolaty undertones, similar to a “mocha” flavor, and some citrusy essence. If you are looking for a break from your traditional coffee brews, then this is truly worth your time. Across the globe, there are lots of exotic and exciting coffee brews waiting to be sampled. With a little help from CoffeeAM, you can enjoy these without ever having to pack your bags! Do you have any favorite coffees from around the world? Please share them with us right here, and remember to come back for another helping of coffee knowledge!
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