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Coffee Descriptions: Part 3

coffee descriptive words


At CoffeeAM, we want you to have a thorough understanding and appreciation of all aspects of coffee, not just the refreshing flavor. For this reason, we’re here with the next installment in our series on coffee terminology, so you’ll never be at a loss for words in describing your favorite brew, and you may just impress your friends and family!


Coffee that is characterized as caramelly has a flavor or aroma that is reminiscent of caramelized sugar without burning it, like candy or syrup. A great example of a caramelly coffee is our Italian Roast Blend, a dark roasted, boldly flavored, medium-bodied blend of 100% Arabica coffee bean varietals. Another delicious option is our Hawaii Kona Coffee Cuvee, a custom, medium-bodied, balanced blend of Central and South American coffees, as well as the iconic Kona coffee.


Bitterness in coffee describes the harsh taste that particularly hits the back of the tongue. The bitterness is affected by the degree of roasting and is desirable up to a certain point. It’s characterized by the solution of caffeine and other alkaloids and usually means that the coffee was brought to a high temperature after brewing. Perfecting bitterness in gourmet coffee takes a bit of Roastmaster experience. Give our Sumatra Black Satin a taste, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a rejuvenating, smooth, heavy-bodied, dark roast coffee with a smoky aroma and black pepper finish, and one of our best sellers.


When you breathe in the aroma of winey coffees, you’ll immediately smell dry wood, an oak barrel, or cardboard paper. The taste, smell, and mouth feel together is like that of drinking wine. A winey taste is generally recognized along with acidic and fruity notes. It’s best not used as a descriptor of sour or over-fermented flavors. Two of the finest coffees that are winey in nature are Costa Rica Reserve, a rich, medium-bodied brew, and Organic Peru ‘Andes Gold,’ a light-bodied, mildly acidic, all-natural delight.


Coffees that are considered to be fruity or citrusy tend to be higher in acidity, and commonly have the aroma of berries. In the mood for an exhilarating cup of fruity coffee? We recommend that you try our Honduras ‘Silver Hills’ Coffee, a lightly sweet and zesty medium-roasted treat, or the ever-popular, light, and rich Kenya AA Coffee.


Do you have questions about any coffee tasting and smelling terms? Please post them with us in the comments section, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you. Be sure to join us again next time for another lesson in coffee terminology. For a diverse selection of gourmet coffee brews and blends, please visit us today at CoffeeAM or call us toll free at 1-800-803-7774.



Updated 7/3/2020

Originally posted 9/13/2016

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