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Celebrate National Peach Month!

The month of August has just begun, and in several parts of the United States, that means it’s peach season! The flavor of a fresh, sweet, juicy, fuzzy peach often tempts the taste buds of children and adults alike. If you are one amongst the many peach lovers across America, then you should be excited to know that August is National Peach Month. That’s right—a whole month dedicated to peach appreciation! Though the origins and history of this delicious event are a mystery, it gives us the perfect reason to celebrate with some of our favorite peach beverage delights at CoffeeAM. Try some for yourself, and you’re sure to get into the spirit of the season. Peach Flavored TeaPeach Flavored Tea If you don’t have the time or experience to produce a stunning peach dish, don’t let that stop you from properly savoring the satisfying peach flavor. Grab a cup and prepare a quick cup of this always-popular peach flavored tea. Delicious hot or iced, or even as a dessert drink, this versatile tea is perfect any time of the day. Chinese black tea is combined with peach to produce a full-bodied and unforgettably refreshing and aromatic treat. Maui Peach SmoothieMaui Peach Smoothie Looking for something a little cooler to maybe serve at your summertime party? A light and rejuvenating peach smoothie will be the ideal choice. It’s not only a breeze to make in minutes, but it also tastes just like a real peach. How? This smoothie is made with real peach puree, real cane sugar, and absolutely no fat, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. So, you can enjoy it without feeling guilty. All you have to do is combine this smoothie mix with ice and blend! Monin Peach Coffee SyrupMonin Peach Coffee Syrup Coffee syrups are generally mixed in lemonades, teas, shakes, cream sodas or baked goods, or drizzled over ice creams to add another dimension of flavor and fragrance. We highly recommend sprinkling this particular syrup over fruits, pancakes, or oatmeal, OR mixing it in with sweet iced tea. It really captures the true peachy goodness, as it’s made from natural fruit, nuts, spices, water, and sugar. And, in terms of taste, it’s not overpowering, but rather is perfectly balanced. No matter how you use it, this delectable peach syrup will bring out the best in any treat. We sincerely hope that you’re now pumped up for National Peach Month, and you share your appreciation for all forms of one of our favorite fruits with your friends and family. How are you planning to celebrate? Tell us! You can post your ideas in the comments section here, or on social media. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you, and please be sure to visit us at CoffeeAM!
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