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Celebrate National Coffee Day!

Today is easily one of our favorite days of the year—National Coffee Day! That’s right, an occasion dedicated solely to the heavenly beverage that gives you energy any time of the day. No matter what your preferred method of preparation may be, coffee lovers across the country come together on this day to share their passion for one of the world’s most popular drinks. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know that our goal is to educate and entertain you in all aspects of coffee, in the hopes that you’ll develop a greater sense of appreciation for it, just as much or even more than we have at CoffeeAM! While the origins of this delicious holiday are largely unknown, we can’t think of a better reason to splurge on coffee. Need some ideas to get in the holiday spirit? We have the answers here! Snag a Deal Want to make a difference in the world AND enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee at the same time? Today, we’re proud to offer all of our Fair Trade coffees at 10% off. Your purchase of these naturally processed delights will support the lives of coffee farmers across the world as well as their families. To ensure freshness upon delivery, every coffee is freshly roasted, sealed, and shipped the day you place your order. Bring the Coffee Shop Home Why bother standing in a long line at the coffee shop and spending more than you would like just to satisfy your cravings? Give this easy and unforgettable White Chocolate Macadamia Latte a try, and your friends and family will think you’ve become a professional barista! It’s a creamy and truly refreshing treat no matter the occasion, but it’s the perfect way to get in the spirit of the holiday. Give a Gift You may have that one friend or family member who absolutely loves coffee, but you can never find just the right one to give them as a gift. No worries! Send them a CoffeeAM gift card via email, and they’ll receive it in a timely manner, and can choose from our enormous selection of gourmet goodies. Alternately, we also carry an array of coffee samplers and gift sets that will surely make their day. How are YOU going to celebrate? Please comment below with your thoughts and ideas, and we look forward to hearing from you. We sincerely hope you have the best National Coffee Day ever!
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