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Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru Coffee (Patriotic Theme)

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This is decaf coffee at its finest! Patriotic Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru may be a mouthful to say, but the taste makes up for the tongue twister! This is a fantastic coffee that's enjoyed by everyone who tries it. The unique 'Swiss Water' method of washing and rinsing the coffee beans results in a flavorful, light, playful coffee. The smooth body and distinctive aroma are sure to win you over!

When you order this treat off our Patriotic page, we'll donate $1 per pound bought to Hope For The Warriors®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping military service members and their families. You get to enjoy fantastic coffee while also helping support our troops! Order Patriotic Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru today!
Brand: CoffeeAM