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Monin Immunity Boost 1 Liter


Help support your immunity with our Monin Immunity Boost syrup. This blend of vitamins and minerals is chockful of antioxidants to give your immunity that little boost it needs during cold and flu season or even when you just need that extra bit of care.

Get a daily dose of your essential vitamins and minerals with just two pumps, that's 1/2 ounce, of this easy-to-use syrup. Add it to your iced beverages like sodas, iced tea, lemonade, juice, and still or sparkling water. For a double boost, add up to four pumps, that's 1 full ounce, to your cold beverage of choice.* You'll be adding a combination of Vitamins C and D along with Echinacea, Zinc, Elderberry, and more that will help to promote your everyday wellness.

Monin Immunity Boost works by delivering a powerful boost of beneficial nutrients to your natural defenses without any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, or flavors and without dramatically changing the flavor of your original beverage. For best results, do not add Monin Immunity Boost to your coffees or beverages containing milk.

*Per FDA guidelines, please don't use more than 2 ounces, or 8 pumps, of Monin Immunity Boost per day.

Combine Monin Immunity Boost with some of your favorite Monin syrups for a delicious drink any time of day. Get creative with morning beverages, afternoon chillers, or even your evening cocktails (with or without alcohol). Do your body good today!

Rise & Shine Smoothie

6 ounces Monin Mango Fruit Smoothie Mix (link)
1/2 ounce Monin Immunity Boost

Fill a 16-ounce glass serving with ice. Pour all ingredients into your blender and add ice from the serving glass. Cap and blend until smooth. Transfer back to serving glass and garnish with a couple of mango chunks and mint. Enjoy!

Monin Immunity Boost 1 Liter

Brand: Monin