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Mocafe Tahitian Vanilla Latte (3lb can)

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If you love vanilla lattes, nothing is better than the Mocafe Tahitian Vanilla Latte mix. It’s an intense aromatic blend of the world’s finest Tahitian vanilla combined with a medium-roasted Colombian Arabica coffee. This deliciously rich and exotic vanilla mix features very mild coffee undertones, so you can indulge much more in the smoothness of the vanilla bean. The Mocafe Tahitian Vanilla Latte mix is a non-dairy powdered base that you can simply add milk, water, or coffee to create your own version of a latte.

Go ahead and indulge in this delicious Tahitian Vanilla Latte mix however you want – hot or cold, with or without foam, or a dollop of whipped cream on top. Since this mix will give you the flavor you love, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy once you make this unforgettable Mocafe Tahitian Vanilla Latte. Mmm – delicious!
Brand: Mocafe