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Heart of Gold (Mother's Day Theme)

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Coffee Grind
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Mother's Day is coming; what can you get her that shows just how much you love her? If she's a coffee lover, then you've found the solution! With our Heart of Gold Flavored Coffee, mom will receive an incredible coffee that will certainly make you her favorite child. It's a unique gift that's better than a box of chocolates or some flowers; it's a great price for great coffee that can be enjoyed again and again!

Heart of Gold Flavored Coffee will remind you of one of your favorite desserts: tiramisu! Warm and flaky flavors of chocolate and vanilla effuse the coffee, coupled with sweet hints of liqueur to make things even more interesting! Mom will love this treat; you'll be lucky if she shares it with you! Order today to receive the delicious, fresh-roasted, elegantly packaged Heart of Gold Flavored Coffee!

Brand: CoffeeAM