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Ghirardelli Chocolate Flavored Frappé 50oz

UPC 747599662003
You will love the Ghirardelli Frappe Double Chocolate mix – it’ll be just like your favorite coffee shop frappuccino! To make, simply mix ice, water, and espresso into the frappe mix and you will have all the icy, chocolaty flavoring that your taste buds can take. For a decadent frappe experience with the Ghirardelli mix, use milk (instead of water) and you will be rolling in the richness. Whether you like these frappes as after-dinner desserts or for an afternoon pick-me-up, Ghirardelli delivers when it comes to a delicious chocolate flavor.

Not only can you make frappuccinos with this mix, but you can also use it to bake with. Add it into cake mixes or brownie mixes; this Ghirardelli Frappe Double Chocolate mix knows no bounds in the kitchen! Go ahead, indulge in your favorite chocolate frappe mix and do so with the Ghirardelli Frappe Double Chocolate mix.

Brand: Ghirardelli