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French Press Deluxe Gift Set

Coffee Grind

Give the gift of fabulous taste with our French Press Deluxe Gift Set. Featuring our Bodum Chambord Style 4 (US) cup French press, a 12-ounce CoffeeAM logo mug, one pound of our popular Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve, and one pound of our equally popular Hawaiian Kona Reserve you have everything you need to make the tastiest coffee.

One of the best ways to brew your finest coffees is with a French press. Extract all the delicious flavors of those distinctive beans. Enjoy the delicate spiciness of our smooth and balanced Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve. Revel in the subtle complexity of our Hawaiian Kona Reserve with its notes of chocolate and nuts finishing with an eye-opening brightness.

Our French Press Deluxe Gift Set is the perfect gift for college students, first-time homeowners, apartment dwellers, coffee connoisseurs, and newbies alike. Or gift it to yourself!