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French Press Coffee & Tea Gift Set

Coffee Grind

For the person who loves coffee and tea give them just that. Our French Press Coffee & Tea Gift Set features our Bodum Chambord Style 4 (US) cup French press, a 12-ounce CoffeeAM logo mug, one pound of our incredibly popular Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve, one pound of our equally popular Hawaiian Kona Reserve, a half-pound of our Darjeeling Tea Finest Tippy, a half-pound of our Jasmine with Flowers tea, an AirScape Coffee Vault to keep your coffee or tea fresh, and an Authentic Burlap Coffee Bag.

With our French Press Coffee & Tea Gift Set, you will be enjoying the subtle yet complex notes in our Hawaiian Kona Reserve with its sweet chocolaty and nutty flavor. The smooth and balanced flavors of our Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve has a surprising spiciness. Our Darjeeling Tea Finest Tippy is rich and wine-like with an exquisitely light body. Finally, our Jasmine with Flowers Tea has a sweet floral flavor that is bright and extremely enticing.

Brewing your coffee or tea with a French press gives you more control over the strength and flavor of your favorite hot beverages. Bring out all the taste of those delectable coffee beans and delicious tea leaves. Treat your loved ones to this versatile gift set and introduce them to extraordinary flavor.