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Decaf Ethiopia Longberry Coffee

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Decaf Ethiopia Longberry coffee beans are one of the best African coffees available. The light-medium roast recipe used by our Roastmaster ensures the gourmet coffee displays a sharp, winey acidity as its dominant characteristic, followed by a rich aroma and thick, almost tangy flavor in its remarkable finish. Stimulating to the senses, this Decaf Longberry is bursting with complex floral, berry, and citrus notes.

Decaf Ethiopia Longberry is the derivation of all coffees in the world. Longberry denotes the finest sorted Ethiopian coffee beans, and it is one of the best African coffees available. Click here to buy freshly roasted Ethiopian Longberry gourmet coffee and celebrate the history and rich coffee culture with each freshly brewed cup.
Brand: CoffeeAM


Light Dark

As one of the oldest cultivars of Arabica coffees, Longberry beans from the region of Harrar are grown at extremely high elevations. We roast Ethiopia Longberry to a light-medium stage which elicits bold, complex flavors and a floral aroma. With a sharp, winy acidity this coffee proves to be stimulating to the senses even though it is caffeine-free. Sweet, fruity notes allow the finish to be absolutely remarkable.