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SKU 387000011
UPC 072504081465
Model # 38700.0011

Catalog Listing: AXIOM-DV-Thermal Carafe, Plastic Funnel Stainless Steel Finish HOUSING
    • Easily convertible by flipping a switch to: - 120 volt, 12.5 amp - 120/208 volt, 13 amp - 120/240 volt, 15 amp
    • Brews 4.2 to 7.5 gallons (15.7 to 28.4 litres) of perfect coffee per hour.
    • Accepts thermal carafe up to 8.5" tall (21.6 cm).
    • Use in quick turn environments where high quality coffee in continuously refreshed.
    • Adjusts automatically to varying water pressure.
    • For high lime areas, BrewLOGIC technology calculates flow rate and adjusts brew time to maintain consistent pot levels.
    • BrewWIZARD technology incorporates simplified
      programming with a LCD display. Set brew level, pulse brew,
      cold brew lock-out and tank temperature from the front of the machine.
    • Electronic diagnostics and built in tank drain make service easier.
    • Ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability.
    • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.
    • Coffee extraction controlled with pre-infusion, pulse brew and digital temperature control.
    • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.
    • Hot water faucet.

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Brand: Bunn