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Panama Boquete Coffee

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Grown in rich volcanic soil and at high elevations, Panama Boquete coffee beans have an intense flavor unlike any other beans we offer. The area of Panama where these coffee trees grow has the perfect climate, increased precipitation and shade protection. Due to the humid conditions and the ample shade the coffee beans grow at a much slower pace making them more flavorful. Panama Boquete coffee offers a distinct flavor that highlights earthy, rustic tones, high acidity, and a lingering brightness with every sip. We light-medium roast each small batch to bring out the exceptional qualities of this gourmet coffee.
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This mild coffee from Panama is crisply acidic with a light body. Produced in the region of Chiriqui, each cup yields a fruity, yet spicy blend of flavor. Panama Boquete is known for having an array of fruit flavors such as cherry, peach, and oranges and for having the undertone of cinnamon. Our Roastmaster perfectly roasts these beans to a light-medium state, bringing out the undertones of fruit.

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