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For almost 20 years, CoffeeAM has been offering the finest gourmet coffees and teas from around the globe. We ship directly to our individual customers or business. Because customer satisfaction is our highest priority, the coffees we offer are fresh-roasted and of the highest quality available. 

Below you will find comments from our very much appreciated patrons. CoffeeAM is always concerned about the level of quality we provide to our customers, so we value all feedback we receive.

We encourage all of our customers to complete the feedback form they receive every time they order from us!


"This was my first order from CoffeeAM, and I will order again without hesitation. My coffee arrived amazingly fast and fresh. They have a huge selection; the coffee is the best I have ever ordered from anyone, and I have tried several online coffee sites. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to my next purchase, and I'm happy to say that my search for a great cup of coffee has ended." 
- May, South Carolina 

"I acquired a taste for good espresso and cappuccino during a two-year stay in Italy. Since returning to Japan some twenty years ago, I have continued the coffee habit. In recent months, the best grade coffees from Italy were taken off the individual internet shopping; due to rising tariffs to Asia, the best coffees are now shipped to the European market. I searched for alternatives and found the Hawaiian Kona coffees to be excellent. Dealing with CoffeeAM was a fortuitous, yet good choice. The product exceeded all expectations. The service afforded by the staff was QUICK, EFFICIENT and GRACIOUS. Thank you very much." 
- Bryce, Japan 

"I have ordered from CoffeeAM a number of times with gift certificates or on my own. Their products are great and they will package and ship in a timely manner. If there is a problem, customer service fixes it quickly and efficiently." 
- Noel, North Dakota 

"After some 4 years of multiple monthly purchases, I have only praise for this merchant. It is easy to be good if there are no problems, but the measure of a merchant resides on how and how well problems are solved. There were a couple of glitches (wrong product, wrong grind), but their marvelous customer service corrected everything, not only with dispatch but lovingly. This very superior merchant has even made an exception by sending me free samples in a grind not normally available. I used to buy coffee from several sources, but now CoffeeAM is my sole supplier for coffee and tea. I only wish they'd carry coffee paper filters so that I would not have to buy elsewhere. To the good people at CoffeeAM I say WELL DONE! Thank you, and I believe that your site is by far the best coffee site on the Internet." 
- Don, Virginia 

"I buy all my flavored coffees from CoffeeAM. I live alone, so I don't need a lot of it, but when I do need it, I wouldn't think of ordering anywhere else. They're wonderful to do business with, and their service is exceptional." 
- Shirley, Michigan 

"The ease with which I was able to peruse the variety of fresh coffees and/or teas offered was excellent with exactly the information I needed to make my choice(s). Their offer of free samples is a superb way of testing new products, which came with the order I subsequently submitted. Not only was it shipped in a timely manner, but I received all the requisite notices prior to delivery concerning details such as confirmation of order and shipping details. Their products are superb!!" 
- Rhoda, New York 

"I enjoy the ease of ordering online, and I love the variety of flavored decaf coffees. I also enjoy receiving a free half-pound sample every time that I order. Most flavors that I've ordered are very good. I find that I re-order certain flavors more than others because the flavor is more discernible. I like it when the flavor is very distinct!" 
- Kathy, Florida 

"I purchase all my loose teas from CoffeeAM. They have a wide selection and the product is always fresh. I have been a tea drinker for a very long time. This site has the best buys, my favorite teas and some I have never heard of. All of which come sealed in vinyl bags. I have not been disappointed with any of the teas I have purchased." 
- Bob, Vermont 

"I have been getting my coffee from for a couple of years now and I have always loved it. The coffee is always top quality and they always get my order to me in a timely manner. Great people." 
- Todd, Connecticut 

"This is the best coffee I have ever tasted. I have ordered from this company every two to three months for over two years, and I have never been disappointed. There was only one time that I needed to contact customer service because I had made a mistake in my order. The person I talked with helped me correct the mistake quickly and treated me very kindly and professionally. I will continue to be a loyal customer and highly recommend their products to every lover of good coffee that I meet. Thank you!" 
- Patience, Arizona 

"I think that CoffeeAM is a great store to order all of your coffee needs online. I love the prices and the service is great. I also really like the feedback time in which the customer service representatives respond. I would definitely order from them again." 
- Nadia, Florida 

"CoffeeAM is one of our very favorite sites! I order from them regularly. It's fun to mix my own teas and come up with new twists on the originals. When I order tea, they always include a tea ball, which is very considerate and well received! We also order coffee, which is always fresh and delicious. They regularly have little promotions like a 1/2 lb of coffee (their choice) with your order. It gives us the chance to try different flavors and find new favorites! They have a nice selection of accessories—excellent quality and good prices. Overall, they are a quality organization and wish them the very best over the coming years!!" 
- Margaret, Arizona 

" is Excellent. I am so glad that a friend of mine told me about your web site. I have enjoyed all of the items I have purchased. You have the best coffee on the web." 
- Debbie, Tennessee 

"EXCELLENT as USUAL! I have hardly enjoyed my coffee as much as I do since starting with CoffeeAM (and I am a real Java Junkie!) Your decafs are MARVELOUS. Intense flavor and richness. Full-bodied, not like those wimpy decafs. CoffeeAM knows that decaf does NOT mean WEAK coffee, just caffeine free for Pete’s sake. You guys are awesome." 
- Lisa, North Carolina 

"I have always been pleased with CoffeeAM. They have excellent products, and it is very easy to place an order. The free coffee you get with each order is always a treat and you receive it quickly." 
- JoAnn, Ohio