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Iced Coffee: Brew at Home Like the Pros

Iced coffee is one of those drinks that is so simple yet can be so difficult to get right. Watered down? Too hot? Too weak? Too acidic?
Read on to learn how to make a delicious iced coffee each and every time. Hit play on this Coffeehouse & Chill Spotify playlist and choose your favorites from our signature Iced Coffee Blends.

Full-Flavored Iced Coffee? Yes, Please!

Iced coffee has been around for decades, moving from a Summer cooler to a year-round staple, keeping us energized any time of year or day. Served black, with sweetener, and (or) with milk - your choice of type.

Here are a few tips for brewing up a delicious iced coffee that you will thoroughly enjoy. No watered-down hint of cold coffee here. Your iced coffee will be full-flavored and satisfying.

Enjoy full-flavored iced coffee by following a few simple tips

Seven Tips to a Great Iced Coffee

Tip #1 - Make a Coffee Concentrate

Brew your coffee stronger when you make your iced coffee. This way, when you add ice to your coffee, it won't taste watered down. Use 2-3 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water to make your coffee stronger.

Tip #2 - Take Your Time

When making iced coffee, leave yourself time to be able to allow your coffee to cool down after brewing. When your coffee is either room temperature or colder, your ice won't melt as much and won't water down your drink.

Tip #3 - Coffee Ice Cubes

Plan ahead and make yourself some coffee ice cubes. Use these instead of plain ice cubes to keep the full flavor of your iced coffee to the end.

Tip #4 - Flavored Ice Cubes

Add other flavors to your iced coffee with flavored ice cubes. Add your favorite milk or milk substitute (not too much, you still want it to freeze) or add some simple syrup or other flavored coffee syrup.

Tip #5 - Sweeten the Easy Way

To sweeten your iced coffee, consider making a simple syrup or using a pre-made coffee syrup. Adding sugar to your iced coffee (unless it's an extremely fine sugar) may lead to a layer of sugar on the bottom of your glass and a gritty (yet sweet) texture every time you take a sip.

Tip #6 - Make Your Coffee Ahead

You could always play way ahead and make your coffee well before you plan on drinking it then store it in the refrigerator until you're ready for it. If you go this route, make sure to cover your coffee to keep it from adopting any unwanted flavors from the fridge.

Tip #7 - Use a Signature Iced Coffee Blend

When brewing your coffee for your refreshing iced coffee, consider using an exclusive blend designed specifically for iced coffee. Check out our signature Iced Coffee Blends. We've created these blends to be extraordinarily flavorful and not to taste watered down when poured over ice.

Which Coffees Should You Use?

We've developed four signature coffee blends perfect for iced coffee. Though you can use any of our coffees when making iced coffee, our exclusive iced coffee blends are full-flavored and won't taste watered down when you pour them over ice. Unlike when making cold brew, you can even use our flavored coffee for iced coffee. However, our iced coffee blends are a fabulous choice with some of our flavored coffee syrups to make the flavors you crave.

Try Our Iced Coffee Blends

These signature Iced Coffee Blends are made especially for a delicious iced coffee any time of day.

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