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How to Cold Brew

So, you want to get in on the Cold Brew craze but aren't sure exactly how?
Don't worry! We've got you covered. From which tools you should use to brew that deliciously chill coffee to signature CoffeeAM Cold Brew blends made especially for your cold brew enjoyment, you'll be enjoying your cold brew in no time. Hit play on this fun Hipster Radio Spotify playlist and get brewing.

What Do You Need To Brew Cold Brew?

Making your own Cold Brew at home couldn't be any easier. Quite simply, all you need is a container, fresh water, ground coffee, time, and a way to filter out the grounds. No specialty equipment or coffee is needed. Many people use quart-sized Mason jars to brew their cold brew. They're a convenient size for brewing, storing, and pouring. However, there is no easy way to filter out the coffee grounds.

A French press is a great alternative for making your cold brew coffee. If you already have one at home, using it to brew would be incredibly easy. It's just like brewing your French press coffee, only instead of boiling the water, you just pour it in at room temperature. Just like when you make your French press coffee, after the brewing time, simply press the plunger and pour the cold brew into a separate container for storage.


You can also use a dedicated cold brew maker like our Toddy Maker. This system makes 1.1 liters or just over a quart. The Toddy Maker System includes everything you need to easily brew your cold brew coffee including reusable filters and a container to hold the coffee. Consider this ease of use compared to the Mason jar method that will need a way to filter and a container to hold your cold brew after it has been filtered.

All you need is a container, water, coffee grounds, space, and time

How Do You Brew Cold Brew?

When making cold brew coffee, you are essentially making a strong coffee concentrate. The best ratio is a quarter-pound of coffee to 4 cups of water (that's 4 ounces coffee to 32 ounces water). If you want to make your cold brew in bulk, try a pound of coffee to a gallon of water. Add your coffee grounds and water to your container of choice and give it a stir to ensure the coffee grounds are all separated and wet.

Cover and put it in the fridge or a cool dark place for 12 to 24 hours. Filter out the grounds and store your cold brew concentrate in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. Making cold brew ensures your coffee will be smooth and free from bitterness. The cold water extracts all the flavors and leaves behind the compounds that make coffee bitter or sour.

You can store cold brew in the fridge for up to two weeks. To serve, dilute your cold brew as much as you like with water or milk (milk substitutes work great, too). Keep it cold by serving it over ice or heat your diluting water or milk to have a hot cup of cold brew. You can also add your favorite sweeteners and flavorings for a delicious cold brew drink any time of the day. Try a slice of orange and a sprig of rosemary to bring out some of the flavors found in your cold brew coffee.

Which Coffees Should You Use?

Which coffees are suitable for cold brew? Anything except our flavored coffees. The oils used to flavor the coffees would not make for a good cold brew experience. It's best to drink those hot or iced. But any of our single-origins, organics, and blends would be perfect for your cold brew. You can even use some coffee that has been sitting around for a while. It might not make for a good hot cup of coffee, but cold brew can hide a multitude of sins -- old coffee being one of them.

Our signature Cold Brew Blends are a great place to start your cold brew journey. Our Roastmaster has blended up four delicious coffees that are sure to tempt your taste buds. Try them all to find which you prefer. If you are grinding at home, choose a coarse grind setting on your grinder. If you are purchasing your coffee pre-ground, make sure to choose French press grind which is coarser than both drip and espresso.


Try Our Cold Brew Blends

These signature Cold Brew Blends are made especially for a delicious cold brew any time of day.

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