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Featuring Herbal Teas

When you want something refreshing but without the effects of caffeine, herbal teas are a great choice. Let's learn more about herbal teas (like, are they actually teas?), their benefits, how to prepare them, and even some unique recipes you can try with these naturally caffeine-free teas.

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Should We Call Herbal Tea Tea?

Herbal tea encompasses a wide variety of "teas" that don't actually use the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Black, green, white, and oolong teas all come from the Camellia sinensis while herbal teas are typically made from herbs and flowers.

The use of the term tea when talking about herbal concoctions is felt by some to be misleading. However, the word in this context has been used for quite a long time and it is an established and accepted usage.

🍵 Herbal teas have a long etymological history 🍵

Uses for Herbal Tea

If you've ever walked down the tea and coffee aisle in your local grocers, you're sure to have seen the wide variety of herbal teas available. From single herbs or flowers to intricate blends, there are so many choices. As much as herbal teas are taken simply for enjoyment, many people take herbal teas to help with a variety of afflictions.

Can't sleep? Try chamomile. Upset stomach? Peppermint tea can help. Have a cold? Try Emperor Ying's 'Feel Better' tea. Choose ginger tea for its anti-inflammatory properties.

How Best to Brew Herbal Tea

Because herbal teas and tisanes are made from different plants, each requires its own brew time. You should always follow the instructions from the manufacturer or supplier and adjust according to your own taste. Use boiling water to extract the flavors from the herbs. Like the other teas above, you should measure one teaspoon to two tablespoons of tea per cup. Unlike the other teas, herbal teas can take quite some time to steep. You will see times of anywhere from ten minutes to twenty minutes. You may want to taste test around the eight-minute mark and keep tasting every minute until you get to the flavor that is perfect for you.


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