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Organic Peru 'Andes Gold' Coffee

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This Peruvian coffee is grown on the edge of the Amazon jungle and the Andes Mountains in Peru. Junin, the sub-region of the Central Highlands, cultivates and harvests this certified organic coffee. For generations, coffee in this region has been tended to by local farmers who take pride in their coffee plantations, and take all the necessary steps to ensure the quality and integrity of their coffee.

Most plantations are less than an acre in size and are often family-owned, this way the coffee trees are guaranteed the attention they need. Each plantation nurtures coffee trees that are cultivated without the use of manmade chemicals, and each batch of gourmet coffee beans is hand-selected and processed following strict organic practices. Not only is it a benefit to you, but the farmers as well.
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Mildly acidic with a light body, this Organic Peru 'Andes Gold' coffee has an incredible flavor profile and aroma with a sweet and nutty finish. Roasted to a medium state, these ‘Andes Gold’ beans brew to create a well-balanced cup that has depth, smoothness, and low acidity.

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