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Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' Fair-Trade Coffee

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At elevations as high as 5,800ft, Colonial Caranavi is grown by a small group of native farmers known as Colonials. Below a magnificent mahogany forest there are 41 small farms averaging 3 acres each; cultivated here are the Typica and Bourbon varietals of Arabica coffee. The farmers diligently grow and work to improve the quality of their coffees and their organic farming cultivation practices. This organic coffee is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, harvested by hand, and dried on raised bed patios, which are consistently tended to; this ensures even drying and an even roast. Each small batch is lightly roasted to yield a heavy bodied brew with mildly spicy essences and a smooth clean finish. Since it is Fair-Trade Certified, the farmers and their communities greatly benefit from its production. Experience the goodness and perfection found in each brew of Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' coffee.
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This heavy-bodied coffee develops sweetened, fruit flavors when grown in the high altitudes of Bolivia. Cultivated near orange, lemon, and other fruit trees, Colonial Caranavi will sometimes have undertones of these fruits. With low acidity, Organic Bolivia’s clean cup is also known to produce nutty, chocolate, and malt flavors after being brewed.

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