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Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee


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It's no accident that this Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee sounds so similar to the famed Jamaica Blue Mountain. That's because these are the exact same varietal of beans, grown in the same type of soil, and under the same conditions as the usual Jamaica Blue Mountain... the only difference is that it's all happening in Haiti instead!

This gourmet coffee takes everything you love about Jamaican coffee and gives it a unique Haitian twist! Experience the exceptionally high-quality Blue Mountain beans with their buttery mouthfeel, low acidity, and sweet finish in every sip.

The Direct Trade program pays farmers strictly based on the quality of their beans, the better the quality the more they earn. This system encourages farmers to improve the quality of their crops year after year. They may not produce as much as the normal commercial farms, but you can be sure that the coffee they do produce delivers a truly exceptional experience in every cup.
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Smooth and sweet, this Blue Mountain coffee from Haiti presents the same low acidity, high flavor profile as those from Jamaica. Notes of rich, silky chocolate highlight this delicious and bitter-free brew.

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