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Espresso Verdi

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Espresso Verdi


Espresso Verdi is a "Seattle style" roast with a very distinguished, bold flavor that is held in high regard with coffee aficionados. Get more out of your espresso with the intense flavor and heavy body of our Espresso Verdi blend. Looking for the perfect espresso for cappuccinos and lattes? Look no further, Espresso Verdi is truly bellissimo!

Although we will be happy to grind it for you, for optimum taste, we recommend ordering your espresso whole bean. For a traditional and exceptional cup of espresso, the beans should be ground immediately prior to use.

Use: Cappuccino and Lattes
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Espresso Verdi is a "Seattle style" roast with a very distinguished, intensely bold flavor and a heavy body. Verdi is the perfect espresso for Cappuccinos and Lattes because it is roasted to medium-dark and has a medium brightness.

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