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Maui coffee

In Hawaii, the gourmet coffee that's produced in the small island of Maui isn't just loved by the locals— it’s a global favorite. And once you get a taste of this extooc coffee, you will quickly see why. There are a few different varieties of Maui coffee that you may want to try, so prepare your taste buds for a quick Hawaiian getaway.

What can you expect in a cup, besides gourmet goodness? Medium-to-dark roasts consisting of uniquely light and bright flavors, with a dash of fruitiness and spice. to jumpstart your day or relax you at the end of it. Whether it’s Maui Mokka, or Maui Red Catuai, this coffee allows you to channel the true spirit of Hawaii with each and every sip of it's bodied brew.

If you're looking for a change of pace in your coffee routine, then Maui coffees may just be the perfect remedy. Imagine brewing a cup (or a pot) of this exotic coffee in your kitchen, and then basking in the inviting aroma of the islands without ever leaving the comfort of your very own home. Now you can, thanks to CoffeeAM!

If you ever find yourself in Maui, be sure to snag yourself a cup of their local coffee to experience a taste and flavor that's unparalleled. However, if hopping on a quick flight to Maui isn't exactly on your to-do list, then look no further than your favorite online coffee distributor. Here at CoffeeAM, we've done the traveling for you, and we brought back a gift that everyone has been waiting for - exotic gourmet coffee. Enjoy!

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