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Your Coffee Import: Spotlight on Brazil

Brazil is unquestionably the biggest coffee producing country in the world. Coffee plantations in Brazil often cover immense areas of land, need hundreds of people to manage and operate them, and produce huge quantities of coffee. Both arabica and robusta beans are grown, though in different coffee growing regions. A fine cup of Brazilian is a clear, sweet, medium-bodied, low-acid coffee. French settlers, originally from Ethiopia, first brought the coffee plant to Brazil. Today, Brazil is becoming a significant player in the specialty coffee industry. The coffee varieties produced in Brazil include bourbon, typica, caturra, and mundo novo are grown in the states of Paraná, espirito santos, São Paulo, and minas gerais. At CoffeeAM, we know that in order to truly appreciate the flavors of Brazil, you need the best Brazilian coffee beans available. The way we roast handpicked beans allows you to just sit back and enjoy the authentic Brazilian flavors. Once our coffees are fresh roasted, they are shipped the very same day. Sample our fresh, Brazilian delights, and you are sure to keep coming back for seconds.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee

Harvested on the Santana Estate in the tropical Cerrado region of Brazil, this medium bodied, rich coffee with a smooth finish, features hints of chocolate without having an unfavorably bitter aftertaste. Even adding a shot of cream will not alter or negatively affect the lush flavors. If you are looking for a fresh alternative to your standard morning brew, than this coffee is a great place to start.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee 1lb (16 oz)

Brazil 'Moreninha Formosa' Gourmet Coffee

Named for the specific location where the coffee is grown, right outside the cities of Serra de Salitre, Minas Gerais, and Cerrado Mineiro, this coffee has a distinct dark chocolate flavor with a bit of fruitiness, and when brewed a hint of nuttiness. It is not too light or too dark, and is a welcoming introduction to Brazilian coffees.

Brazil 'Moreninha Formosa' Gourmet Coffee

 Brazil Santos Coffee

This subtle blend, which can be brewed as strong as you desire, has a smooth flavor, without being dull. This is a poplar choice of Brazilian coffee, as it has no aftertaste, and is quite relaxing any time of the day. Customers enjoy sharing a fresh cup of it with friends and family, and are consistently pleased with the rich taste and smell. For those who have sensitive stomachs, Brazil Santos makes it easy for them to still enjoy their coffee, without having to sacrifice flavors.

Brazil Santos Coffee At CoffeeAm, you will find flavors from Brazil and all over the world. Not only are these delicious options, but it's also a fresh way to experience different cultures. Step out of your coffee comfort zone, and take a journey one bag at a time.
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