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Yemen Sanani Coffee

shutterstock_45841903 shutterstock_65824051 Yemen ‘Arabian Mocha Sanani’ may be the most complex and interesting coffee any growing region can offer today. Traders around the village of Mocha are among the first recorded people to experience drinking coffee in a widespread way, and the beans we carry are direct descendents, in genealogy and taste, of the coffee beans that were first roasted and used for the world’s oldest coffee community. The port of Mocha in Yemen became synonymous with coffee and even the world’s first blend, Mocca Java, bore the name of that port and was based around the wonderful coffee that was produced and sold there. The term Mocha being used for chocolate coffee came from Europe’s relation of this coffee to the strong chocolate undertones each sip finishes with. With every sip of our Yemen coffee you can truly feel how fitting that association was. The beans are uniquely grown and produced at an incredible height of 2000-2500 meters above sea level around the historic city of Sana’a, where it was grown since coffee as a drinkable beverage began. Instead of picking the beans from the tree when they reach optimum ripeness as most coffee plantations do, the Yemeni people wait until the beans begin to ferment and drop from the branches and pick them up from the ground. Because of the extreme altitude and arid climate, these beans do not mold as they would in a similar situation on a farm in the rainforest, but instead mature into the most complex, flavorful bean you can find on the market today. The beans are then sun dried to preserve their optimum flavor through processing. When you taste this coffee, you will be struck by 3 distinct phases of flavor, very differently then most coffees. The flavor begins and ramps forward into a very strong dark cherry flavor, with a shard crisp citric acidity to accompany it. Then it begins to change into a musky but sweet nutty flavor, finally moving to the final lingering bittersweet dark chocolate flavor that has made the beans famous for so long. The lingering, deep chocolate aftertaste seems to stay with you forever, tempting you for another cup. Our Yemen is truly special, as these beans are grown in the most historic coffee region of Yemen, cared for by expert agronomists in the all natural traditions they have used for hundreds of years. The beans are harvested traditionally to preserve complex taste that Yemen has inspired us with for the entire history of coffee, and dried in the sun light as to not allow any negative characteristics to enter their flavor. If you are looking for a coffee that really brings astonishing, complex flavor, steeped in history, to your pallet, then we at CoffeeAM truly believe that our Yemen is the best example of Coffee from this region available today.
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