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Why Should I Choose a Coffee Blend

Over the past few weeks we’ve looked at the various coffee descriptors used to delineate different types of coffee from each other. We’ve talked about Fair-Trade, Micro-lot, and Organic. This brings us to Blends.   coffee blends  

What Is A Coffee Blend?

A coffee blend is just what it sounds like. Roastmasters take two or more different varieties, or even species, of coffee and blend them together. The most well-known blend of coffees in the US is found in many commercial coffees available in your local grocers and is a mix of arabica and robusta coffees.   Here at CoffeeAM, because we deal exclusively with arabica bean coffee, our exclusive blends are all arabica. But we’ll get into that in a bit.  

Why Blend Coffees?

In the case of the commercial coffees, they are blended to help keep cost down. Arabica tends to be more expensive than robusta by almost double. But is also typically better tasting as robusta has more caffeine which actually adds to the undesirable flavor.   This is not the only reason for blending, however.   Blending coffees is a way to make flavor profiles, textures, and bodies which cannot be found in nature. The roastmaster will evaluate different varieties of coffee to find their desirable aspects.   Like we talked about in our tasting series , coffee can exhibit a combination of all five of the flavor types: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. The textures found in coffees tend to be alkaline, clean, and smooth while the body can be full, medium, or light. All of this is taken into consideration when blending.  

How About Your Blends?

Here at CoffeeAM we have 25 different coffee blends to choose from. Let’s take a look.   After Dinner Blend The perfect finish to your evening meal, this dark roast coffee has a heavy body with smoky flavors and a surprising brightness.   Breakfast Blend – also in single-serve A light-medium roast of Central American coffees that brew into a mellow cup with medium body and bold notes of caramel and chocolate.   Café Blend Central and South American beans blended to create a coffee with medium body with a mouthwatering aroma and smooth, bittersweet taste.   Christmas Blend Ideal for the holidays, our Christmas Blend is a mix of Central and South American coffees which brew into a rich and invigorating cup. Just what you need to power through the holidays.   Connoisseur Estate Blend A blend of Arabian, African, and Indonesian beans for a compelling and distinctive brew that is smoothly balanced and just a bit spicy.   Dutch Trader Blend A blend of Indonesian coffees with a rich earthiness, full-body, and vibrant flavor.   eCoffee Blend This mysterious blend has a heavy body with a smooth, dark, and delicious flavor.   French Roast – also in single-serve and organic Heavy and smoky with a medium brightness, this dark roasted coffee has a bold flavor with bittersweet notes that will leave your taste buds satisfied.   Galata Kulesi Cuvee Light-medium roasted, this blend has a full, rich body with a medium brightness. Subtle fruity and floral notes make this a superior twist on our earthy coffees.   Gourmet House Blend – also in organic A blend of Central and South American beans, this coffee is an all-time favorite of our coffeehouse clients. Notes of caramel and chocolate lead to an extremely smooth finish.   Hawaiian Kona Reserve A mix of high-grown arabica beans and the highest grade of Kona come together for a nutty and chocolaty brew that is brightly complex.   Italian Roast Blend This dark roast has been a CoffeeAM staple for over 10 years. Rich notes of caramelized sugar and chocolaty undertones highlight a hint of cedar at the finish.   Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend – also in single-serve and organic Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain blends with Central and South American beans for a mild, rich, and full-bodied brew with a smooth chocolaty finish.   Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve This delicately spicy blend has a mild-medium body and a light brightness and finishes with a silky smooth and luxurious mouthfeel.   Kona Coffee Blend – also in single-serve A combination of Central and South America beans with pure Hawaiian Kona, this blend is smooth with a heavy body. It has a chocolaty-nutty undertone and a richness that is sure to please.   Marrakesh Blend This blend has a spicy bite with smoky undertones and a surprisingly bright finish.   Mind Your Tummy Blend Ideal for those who experience tummy issues, our Mind Your Tummy Blend has a low acidity and a deliciously balanced flavor with nutty undertones and a bright finish.   Mocca Java Blend A masterful combination of Ethiopian and Indonesian beans, this dark roasted coffee has a bright floral aroma with undertones of bittersweet chocolate with a slight hint of smoke.   New Orleans Style Chicory Rich Colombian coffee is blended with our French Roast and ground chicory root for a traditional New Orleans style brew.   Reggae Blend The fantastic aroma and deliciously lingering finish of this blend of Central and South American beans are perfect for a mild palate. This medium-bodied brew has decadent undertones of caramel and chocolate.   Summer Blend This small-batch roasted blend combines Central and South American beans for a medium body and mild caramel notes that linger at the finish of each sip.   World Tour Blend A custom blend of South American, Central American, and African coffees yields a complex brew with fruity and rustic notes with underlying notes of chocolate and clean crisp finish.   Now, don’t all those combinations sound delightful? Try one of blends today to see what you’ve been missing.
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