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Why is Fresh Roasted coffee essential to a great cup?

Everything tastes better fresh.  Some canned or frozen foods don't even resemble the real deal, and it is no different with your everyday  coffee.  Let me tell you what you didn't know about fresh roasting, and why it matters! Unroasted green coffee beans carry all of the components needed for coffee, but lack taste. Much like a kernel or a bean, aromas and flavors are only released after roasting. Roasting the raw beans dries up moisture, and the bean begins to expand and change in color. As the beans transform, they begin to change not only in color, but also in taste and they become physically lighter.  The roasting process brings forth the gift of oils from inside the protective shell.  Those precious oils are what carry the aroma, the characteristics and the flavor of that particular bean. CoffeeAM not only knows this, but respects this. Obviously the longer a coffee can sit on a shelf, the better that would be for commercial sellers, but certainly not for you.  Mass market companies have tried everything to extend the shelf life and nothing works better then the CoffeeAM way of bringing it back to basics by simply shipping fresh.  Take for example that brick of coffee you find in the stores, the ones that look like they sucked all the air out of it to keep it fresh, well part of that statement is true at least, but the other part is pretty surprising!  When coffee beans are freshly roasted, they omit carbon dioxide.  If they had been immediately vacuumed packed into a bag, or placed into a can and sealed with a metal lid for "freshness," like we are sort of lead to believe... they would have created a high pressure time bomb strong enough to have distorted the metal can and possibly even blown it up.  So how did they do it?  After roasting, they allowed the beans to sit and de-gas for several days before they were sealed!  Sure, maybe they were still reasonably fresh when they were sealed, but remember they haven't even been shipped to the grocery or sat on the shelves yet! At CoffeeAM, we are hoping that after several days post-roasting you are half way through the gourmet coffee bag we have already delivered our to you.  Now that is fresh! How do we do it?  CoffeeAMtakes the green, or raw, bean and roasts it to perfection. We do not fill our bags with gases to try to extend the freshness, we do not freeze dry, and we do not let them hang out for days and de-gas.  Immediately after cooling, the beans are placed into a foil-lined bag with a one-way pressure release valve. Because green beans are more stable than roasted beans, we really move quickly once the beans are roasted.  We know, and you should too, that peak freshness is 1 day after day! We can be straight-forward with you.  There is no other way to get coffee this fresh from a grocer that has their coffee brought in on a truck.  It could be days, weeks, even months past it's roasting date by the time you take it home.  CoffeeAMwould like you to experience coffee the way it is supposed to be.  Don't sell yourself short...freshly roasted, shipped to you and in your cup ...quick! Mmm, now that is good coffee!
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