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Whole Beans or Ground Coffee - Which Is Best and Why?

You can get your coffee beans in whole bean or a variety of grinds. Which is best for you and how can you decide?

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Let's Talk About Freshness

All of our coffee beans are whole beans. We roast your chosen coffee to order and never pre-roast any of our coffees. The enemies of fresh coffee, whether whole bean or ground, are light, moisture, heat, air, and time. Storing your coffee properly is extremely important, but did you know that grinding your coffee too soon can also have a detrimental effect on the quality of your cup?

Whole beans have a smaller surface area compared to ground coffee. This means that whole beans can stay fresher longer.

How Quickly Do You Use Your Coffee Beans?

If it takes you a longer time to go through your coffee beans, it is recommended to order whole beans and grind them just before brewing. As we mentioned above, because whole beans have a smaller surface area, they can stay fresher longer. If you go through your coffee fairly quickly, ordering your preferred grind is perfectly fine. You will likely have finished the coffee before it goes stale.

Do You Do the Drip?

If you use a drip-style coffeemaker, think a Mr. Coffee, and you go through your coffee fairly quickly, ordering drip grind may be your best bet. Our drip grind is medium-coarse and is perfectly ground to work with your drip coffeemaker to provide the best extraction.

Prefer Espresso, Lattes, or Mochas?

For your morning espresso or espresso-based drinks, our espresso grind is the ideal choice. This superfine grind must be used quickly as it has the highest surface area and can quickly lose flavor. Keep this ground coffee stored in a tightly sealed container to protect its freshness.

French Press, Single-Serve, and Cold Brew

If you use a French press, make cold brew, or use a single-serve machine like a Keurig with your own coffee, our French press grind is the preferred choice. This coarse grind coffee allows the water to stay in contact with the grounds longer without causing over-extraction.

You Like to Be in Control

If you're the type of person who likes to be in control of all aspects of your coffee, whole beans should be your go-to. Grind your coffee to work with your preferred method of preparation. If you choose a different form of preparation depending on the day or which way the wind is blowing, purchase whole beans that you can grind to go in your drip maker today or your French press tomorrow.

You Just Want Your Coffee, and Fast

Pre-ground coffee is the best choice if you don't want to think about your coffee. Choose your grind based on the way you will use it on a daily basis. Only purchase as much as you will use in roughly a month's time.

Coffee at the Touch of a Button

Finally, if single-serve coffee is your morning jam, you have a couple of choices. First, try our freshly roasted and packed on-site coffee pods. With some of our finest coffees, these are full of flavor unlike those from the grocery store. Second, use your reusable pods and fill them with your favorite coffee either ground yourself or French press grind.

Now you know which coffee grinds are available and which might be best for your use, head over to our site and fill up your coffee cabinet.

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