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What Makes Food Items A Great Gift At The Holidays?

Food items are great for holiday gift-giving, but why? Sure, things taste great and smell amazing, but are their other reasons that food makes such a coveted gift at the holidays? Let's find out!

brown kraft box with food items for a gift

Special Treats

During the holidays, bakeries, manufacturers, restaurants, and even individuals tend to make particular items we don't have year-round. Cookies, candies, dishes, and drinks tend to get a little more creative from Halloween through the New Year. People also tend to splurge on items during the holidays that they won't spend on any other time of the year. That makes those food items notable to us. Pomegranates, clementine oranges, pecans, walnuts, and chestnuts are just a few of the fresh foods we enjoy during this time of year. Cookies, fudge, cakes, trifles, and candies are special treats that we might just splurge on during the holidays but not year-round. Roast turkey, crown roast, beef brisket, and seafood adorn many tables when families gather to celebrate.

Handmade Treats

The holidays bring out the craftiness in many of us, which tends to come through in our gifts. Homemade cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, handmade fudge, cupcakes, and other sweets are a staple from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Jar gifts like cookie mixes, layered spice mixes, soup mixes, canned vegetables, canned fruits, pickled vegetables, and more make ideal gifts that last. Spiced nuts, spiced cider mix, hot cocoa kits, tea gift sets, and coffee gift sets make a relaxing afternoon by the fire with a book that much more enjoyable.

Added Benefit

One added benefit of food gifts is the fact that they are consumable. Many folks are trying to get away from presents that take up space. They prefer gifts that are meaningful but that don't clutter the house. Consumable items--think food, candles, stationery--are ideal gifts because they are practical. The recipient will think of the gift-giver each time they use the object, and it won't take up space after it serves its purpose.

What To Give

If you want to give food items for the holidays but don't know where to start, baking is an easy way to do so. A dozen cookies, muffins, or a cake are simple ways to make your own treats. If handmade isn't for you, visit a specialty food store for some international treats your loved ones might enjoy. An online provider like CoffeeAM has gift sets and other items ready to go that you can choose and have shipped directly. You can even give a combination of items. You're only limited by your imagination.

What has been your favorite food gift in the past?

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