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What Does That Coffee Taste Like?

Last week we learned about the different varietals of our favorite species of coffee, Coffea arabica or arabica coffee. This week we’ll learn about the flavor profile of these beans.   sacks of coffee varietals   It’s amazing how different each varietal can taste. Of course, flavor is dependent on terroir, weather, and how the coffee is grown and processed. So how different does each bean taste from its relative? Let's take a look. Also, included with each description is a link to corresponding coffees on our site. After reading through each one, find your favorites and give them a try!   Blue Mountain – Sophisticated and silky smooth, Blue Mountain coffee is full-bodied, well-balanced and mild with a sweet and almost creamy finish. Find our Blue Mountain coffees here.   Bourbon – Honey sweet, similar to a plump, dried fig with a smooth texture and bright finish. Check out this coffee made with Bourbon.   Catuai – A balanced sweetness and bright acidity with underlying notes of caramel and tropical fruit. Try our Brazil Cerrado or Red Catuai.   Caturra – Related to Bourbon, the Caturra is sweet and citrusy with notes of lemon-lime. It finishes smooth and bright. Find it here.   Harar – Chocolaty mocha with notes of juicy blackberries and blueberries. This Ethiopia Longberry is a perfect example.   Gesha/Geisha – Floral notes of jasmine and vanilla with tropical fruit flavors. Similar to a white wine. Check out this delicious choice.   Java – Heavy with low acidity and a slightly earthy taste. Complex and rustic with a lingering herby finish. Enjoy the iconic taste with this varietal.   Kona – Rich yet delicate with a lightly complex taste. Highly aromatic with a smooth finish. Any of these would be a fantastic addition to your coffee experience.   Mocha – Earthy with a slightly funky fruit flavor and high acidity. Think raisins and bakery spices. Finishes with a chocolaty note. This, from the birthplace of coffee, will definitely be a favorite.   Mundo Novo – Medium-bodied with fruity and floral notes and a crisp, clean finish. Here's a great example of Mundo Novo.   Santos – Light to medium body with rich flavors of caramel and an accompanying creamy mouthfeel. Tends to be bright and slightly acidic. This Brazilian coffee will surely make your mouth water.   Sidamo – Full-bodied and complex with a brightness and a mouthfeel that can only be described as lush. This organic Sidamo is a perfect specimen.   Sulawesi – Silky smooth with sharp spices and a finishing chocolaty sweetness. Start your day with this beautiful Sulawesi.   Sumatra Mandheling – Woody and clean with herbal and spicy flavors and a slight chocolate finish. Have you tried our Sumatra Mandheling yet?   Timor – Vibrant with a full body and a bright acidity. Our Organic Timor is also Fair-Trade.   Typica – Slightly sweet with high acidity. Palette cleansing with a medium body.   Yirgacheffe – Complex and floral with hints of citrus fruit and black tea. Try this Yirgacheffe, a unique brew you're sure to enjoy.   So there you have it. This should help with what to expect from each of our coffees. Which one is your favorite?
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