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We Want to Feature Your Coffee Art!

Coffee art can be beautiful and inspiring.  Whether it's the delicate "Rosetta" in latte art, a colorful burlap bag, or a funny coffee mug, coffee art comes in all types.  We love all of it!  It's something that unites all coffee lovers worldwide, no matter what kind of coffee you like to drink.  It's an outward expression of a shared culture! In appreciation of all the coffee art out there, we would like to start featuring Coffee Art on our social networking sites!  We'd love for you to participate!  At least once a week, we'll feature a really neat piece sent to us by you on our blog, Facebook, Google+, and/or Twitter.  It's a great way for you to have your art displayed to tons of people, and it allows all of us to share our appreciation for all things coffee!  We're also going to create a Coffee Art section on our blog to display the exceptional pieces we get! Here's how to send us your stuff:
  • The easiest way is to send it as an attachment to with the subject line "coffee art"
  • You can also send a picture to @CoffeeAM
  • Be sure to give us at least your first name and where you're from so that we can give you credit!
  • We'll take any coffee-related art, so long as it's not vulgar and it's an ORIGINAL piece created by you!
  • Anything with CoffeeAM-related items (such as our mug) will get special attention! ;-)
We hope to be featuring your Coffee Art soon!
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