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Valentine's Day is Right Around the Corner -- Give the Gift of Delicious Taste

Regardless of which history you choose for how Valentine’s Day came to be what it is today, there is no denying that it is the day to tell that special someone how you feel. But what is the best way to show them? Here are a few ideas.  
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With the plethora of heart-shaped candy boxes available in the stores just after Christmas, this is an easy gift. Candy companies of all sorts have jumped on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon with chocolates, hard candies, and even sour candies making the grade.   There are also heart-shaped candies! Chocolates filled with nougat, caramel, or even liqueur flavored fillings can be found. And don’t forget those little message hearts!  


Red roses are considered the floral representation of love but don’t rule out carnations and tulips. These lovely bursts of color (especially the red!) are a great way to visually represent your feelings.  

Eating Out

Treating your special someone to a night out at a restaurant is a great way to show how much you care. A break from cooking and cleaning while having a chance to maybe dress up a little bit is always fun. Depending on budget and taste there are literally hundreds of choices. Try finding an independent restaurant rather than a chain. This supports your neighbors and provides unique choices.  


Sure, a movie would be fun to go to, but it really puts a damper on getting to know your date. But dinner and a movie might be a good combination. Or watch a movie at home with some take out. The best of both worlds.  


We won’t really get into this one, but it is a popular gift for this particular holiday.  


Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and sometimes even rings are popular Valentine’s Day gifts. One of the biggest days for proposals, Valentine’s Day does seem like a no-brainer of a day to drop to one knee and profess to love your special someone for the rest of your life.  

Unique Gifts

Other gifts for your sweetheart range from cars to clothing to extravagant trips and everything in between. The most memorable gifts are experiences. Try visiting a local museum or a botanical garden. Adventurous? Try a hike or camping. Doing things a little differently can put that personalized touch on this day of love.   If your special person is a coffee or tea lover, why not give them what they would truly treasure? Give your sweetheart a bag of gourmet coffee, roasted fresh and personalized just for them or a bag of high-quality loose leaf tea likewise personalized. At CoffeeAM we have just the thing.   With our gift sets specifically designed for Valentine’s Day as well as our Valentine’s Day themed packaging for some of our best-selling coffees, you can give a gift that lingers. How would you like your true love to think of you each time they take a sip of their mouthwatering coffee that was personalized just for them? You can do that with our:Valentine’s Day Gift Sets and Samplers.  

Sweetheart Sampler - this sampler covers both coffee and tea. With full one-pound bags of Cupid’s Kiss - Swiss chocolate, French caramel, and Southern pecans -- and Chocolate Strawberry - ripe strawberries drizzled with creamy chocolate -- and a half-pound bag of Jasmine with Flowers - a green tea delicately flavored with romantic, snowy jasmine flowers.  

Valentine’s Day Flavored Coffee Sampler - a sampler with half-pound bags of Cupid’s Kiss - Swiss chocolate, French caramel, and Southern pecans -- White Chocolate Mousse - smooth white chocolate and rich French vanilla  -- Chocolate Strawberry - ripe strawberries drizzled with creamy chocolate -- French Silk - a blend of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and silky cream.  

Valentine’s Day Tea Sampler - an ideal gift for a tea lover, pair this with a great (possibly romantic) book! You’re loved one will enjoy our Jasmine with Flowers - a green tea delicately flavored with romantic, snowy jasmine flowers -- Sencha Kyoto Cherry - green tea flavored with tart cherry -- Angel Falls Mist - this tisane is great hot or cold and has a base of rosehips and hibiscus with strawberry and lemon.  

All Valentine’s themed coffees and teas are also available as single purchases. Don’t forget to include their name for that personal touch!  

If these samplers don’t catch your eye, try one of our gift sets like our Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set or our Chocolate Bliss. All the flavor of chocolate candies and coffee without the guilt!   What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?

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