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Update Your Non-flavored Coffees This Fall

So, you want to update your coffees for Fall but don’t like flavored coffees? No problem! Here at CoffeeAM, we can suggest coffees for any time of year and any flavor profile. Continue reading for our suggestions to enjoy when the weather turns chillier and the days get shorter.

fall corfees


Brazil Cerrado

Our Brazil Cerrado is a specialty grade brew with an unforgettable earthiness balanced with hints of sweet chocolate. Balanced and smooth, the clean finish makes this perfect with any meal.

Colombia Supremo ‘La Valle Verde’* 

Smoothly balanced and bright, our Colombia Supremo ‘La Valle Verde’ is an excellent choice for your morning brew. The lightly sweet coffee is clean tasting with a heady aroma and richness you’ll find irresistible. 

Hawaii Kona ‘Volcanic Estate’ 

Coming from the only state in the US to grow coffee at a commercial level, our Hawaii Kona ‘Volcanic Estate’ is one of the finest. The exceptional flavor and unforgettable texture will leave you wanting more. Full-bodied and lightly acidic, the notes of sweet fruit and rich chocolate are perfect any time of day.

Java ‘Dutch Estate’ 

Looking for something a little more unique? Reach for our Java ‘Dutch Estate’. With its heavy body, low acidity, and rich smoothness, the hints of chocolate and unexpected spiciness will win a place in your heart. 

Kenya AA* 

Our Kenya AA is one of our top selling coffees and no surprise. The strong body, full flavor, and heavy acidity work together for a complex brew you can’t help but enjoy.  

Sumatra Black Satin*

Our dark roasted Sumatra Black Satin has a distinct flavor with smoky undertones balancing against a heavy body. The slight flavor of black pepper is a unique touch you’ll come to love.

Tanzania Peaberry*

Peaberry beans are smaller and more rounded. They tend to be richer in flavor and livelier with a full body. Choose our Tanzania Peaberry if you enjoy light-medium roasted coffees. This lively brew has many characteristics of Kenyan coffees but with slightly less acidity. 


Organic Decaf ‘Swiss Water’ Peru* 

Our Organic Decaf ‘Swiss Water’ Peru is ideal for those interested in an organic and decaf coffee that hasn’t been processed with harmful chemicals at any point. This medium roasted coffee has a medium body and is well-balanced with no bitterness.

Decaf Colombia Supremo ‘La Valle Verde’ 

With all the flavor of its regular counterpart, our Decaf Colombia Supremo ‘La Valle Verde’ is smooth and balanced with a brightness that will get you going in the morning. Slightly sweet and perfectly balanced, you’ll love waking up to the rich flavor of this brew.

Decaf ‘Swiss Water’ Sumatra Mandheling 

For our friends who prefer decaffeinated coffee, this Decaf ‘Swiss Water’ Mandheling has a syrupy body and surprising hints of chocolate and brown sugar. Naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method, you know your coffee hasn’t been introduced to harmful chemicals.


Breakfast Blend* 

Our Breakfast Blend may be ideal for first thing in the morning, but don’t be fooled by its name. This coffee is fantastic any time of day. Made from our South American and Central American coffees, this blend is soft and mellow with a medium body and delightful notes of caramel and chocolate.


Some of these coffees are also available in our single-serve, K-cup compatible packaging. They are marked above with an asterisk *.

Organic Decaf ‘Swiss Water’ Peru

Sumatra Black Satin

Tanzania Peaberry

Kenya AA

Brazil Cerrado

Colombia Supremo

Breakfast Blend

In addition, you might also enjoy these single-serve coffees.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend, available in our single-serve cups, combines the best of both worlds. At the touch of a button, you can enjoy the rich smoothness and the subtle chocolate notes JBM is known for.

Kona Coffee Blend 

Enjoy the rich, smooth flavor found in our Kona Coffee Blend. This single-serve brew has all the flavor you’ve come to expect from Hawaiian Kona blended with the intensity of Central and South American beans.

This Fall, try one (or more!) of these delectable brews. You’ll be so glad you did. Which one is your favorite?

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