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Trending Now: Caffeinated Gifts and Giveaways

When it comes to gift giving, impressing the java junkies in your life is not easy by any means. Coffee lovers have high standards that seem almost impossible to meet at times. With so many options, how do you decide what will satisfy those super selective taste buds? We’re taking that burden off your hands with our top selection of coffee gift sets that will fit the bill. At this time of the year, you may be looking for gifts for some of the upcoming holidays. So here, we would like to feature some ideas for gift sets to make those days even more memorable.

The "Well-Suited" Gift Set for Father's Day

This Father’s Day, skip the ties and shirts. Your gift-giving game needs a wakeup call - literally! Enter The Well-Suited Gift Set. Consisting of three 1lb bags of unique, gourmet coffees, which can even be personalized with your dad’s name printed on each bag, this gift set will satisfy dad day in and day out, not just on Father’s Day. The three coffees include Sumatra Black Satin, Colombia Supremo, and Vermont Maple Pecan Coffee. Imagine how dad will be able to take a world tour, just by drinking a cup of coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.43.23 PM

Patriotic Flavored Coffee Gift Set

As you are getting ready to attend Fourth of July celebrations, you may be looking for a fun gift to give to friends and party hosts. Show your American spirit with this Patriotic Flavored Coffee Gift Set. Three scrumptious one-pound coffees; blueberry cream, raspberry cream, and coconut cream, all packaged in red, white, and blue bags are sure to start fireworks. The patriotic labels will add the extra spark to impress your friends and family.

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An Anytime Treat: Basket of Joy Coffee Gift Basket

The Basket of Joy Gift Basket is a delightful treat, no matter the occasion. Some of our most popular items come together in a beautiful woven Ratan box. Our very own in-house Roastmaster handpicked and roasted the three 1/2lbs of gourmet coffee. That’s just the beginning. Just a few of the other goodies included are a 1.5oz Ghiradelli double chocolate hot cocoa, one 4oz Tortuga Rum Cake, and 1/4lb bag of Loose-Leaf Tea/tisane. As a finishing touch, each gift in this basket is specially wrapped. This is a unique way to show those special people in your life how much they mean to you, not to mention, delicious!

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A coffee gift set is a great way to add some flavor to anyone’s day. Whether you want to commemorate a special occasion, or you just want to show your appreciation, CoffeeAM has unique, gourmet gift sets to surprise and delight friends and family.
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