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Tips To Stay On Track With Your New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year comes a desire to make changes. Lose weight, work out more, spend more time with the kids, save money, etc. etc. Many people make their list of resolutions, tying their desire to make things better to the clean slate a new year brings.   2018 new years resolutions   But oftentimes these resolutions fall by the wayside. In reality, only about 8% of people keep their resolutions. Whether they are too vague or too lofty, too difficult or don’t fit your lifestyle, there are many reasons your resolutions just don’t work out.  

Tips to Make Them Stick

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to make your resolutions stick. Following these tips may not guarantee you will keep to your plan, but they will make it easier to start or get back on track.   First, make your goals measurable. Vague is your enemy in this one. Stay away from statements like, “I want to eat right” or “I want to save money” and instead opt for “I will eat a piece of fruit and two vegetables every day” or “I will put $10 per week into a savings account”. Be specific about what you are going to do to and break it down into measurable, bite-size chunks.   Second, make your goals realistic. If you are trying to accomplish something that is simply impossible to do, you will definitely fail. Instead of “I want to lose 100 pounds” or “I want to travel the world” try “I will lose 2 pounds per week” or “I will visit Mount Rushmore this summer”.   Third, write them down. It’s one thing to tell everyone your plans for the year. We all tend to do that. Instead, write your specific, achievable goals down and post them somewhere you will see them every day. Or better yet, make a vision board. This will reinforce the goals and help to keep you on track.   Fourth, celebrate the little things. When you lose 10 pounds, splurge with a trip to the movies. When you save $150, make a list of the things you can do when you’re financially stable. You don’t have to spend money or derail your progress when you treat yourself. You just need to allow yourself to acknowledge that you’ve made progress.  

Getting Back on Track

What happens if you fall off the resolution wagon? It’s really just as easy as getting back on board. One of the biggest obstacles to keeping New Year’s resolutions is that hard start date. Don’t hold yourself to a number on a calendar for beginning to make positive changes. Pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. Dates are arbitrary, your goals are the important thing.   So, what have you decided on for your 2018 resolutions? Getting healthier? Spending less? Traveling more? Whatever your goals, we wish you success. And if your resolutions have fallen by the wayside already, don’t worry. Just pick them back up. You’ve got this!
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