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This Independence Day Choose Coffees with a Cause

This Independence Day, support those who fight to keep us free with our Hope For The Warriors coffees and teas. These coffees and teas are packaged with a patriotic theme perfect for the 4th. With options like flavored, single-origin, decaf, and American-grown as well as gift sets, you have plenty to choose from. Continue reading for more information about Hope for the Warriors, how your purchase helps, and tasting notes and descriptions of the mouthwatering coffees and teas you can choose from.

patriotic coffees, coffees with a cause

What is Hope for the Warriors?

Hope for the Warriors provides assistance to service members who have been wounded in combat and their families. They also help the families of those killed in action. This national nonprofit organization is currently focussing on those involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

How Does My Purchase Help?

For each pound purchased of our Hope for the Warriors coffees, CoffeeAM will donate $1 to Hope for the Warriors. A purchase of one of our patriotic gift sets allows us to donate $3 to this wonderful cause. Why do we do this? Because we are especially thankful for our American military who helps to protect our country and our freedom.

Which Coffees?

As was mentioned before, our patriotic coffees include flavored choices, single-origins, decaf, and American-grown. And they’re all made with our pure arabica bean coffees, freshly roasted to order and shipped the same day to ensure freshness.



  • Colombia Supremo
    • This hand-harvested coffee is immediately wash-processed to maintain the exceptional freshness of the beans. We medium-roast these beans to enhance the aroma and rich flavor of this perfectly balanced coffee.
  • Brazil Santos
    • After these coffee cherries have been harvested by hand they are dry-processed which imparts a fruity flavor to this light-bodied, sweet, and complex brew.


  • Organic Swiss Water Peru Decaf
    • Grown using all-natural fertilizers and without harmful chemicals, this coffee is decaffeinated naturally using the Swiss Water method . Our Organic Swiss Water Peru Decaf is flavorful and well-balanced with no bitter aftertaste.
  • Kenya AA Decaf
    • With a full-body and light acidity, this wine-like coffee has a fabulous aroma and intense flavor due to the large, dense, and perfectly shaped coffee beans. Watch for floral notes intermingled with overtones of citrus and berry in this delicious decaf. (currently out of stock)


  • Maui Yellow Caturra
    • This unique coffee turns a bright shade of yellow as it ripens (rather than the typical red color) which gives it its name. Full-bodied and smooth with a slight spiciness, you’re sure to fall in love with this delicious brew.
  • Maui Red Catuai
    • This cross-varietal made from the Maui Yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo varieties is flavorful and aromatic with notes of grapefruit, spice, and rich butter. With unique hints of burgundy wine, it’s no surprise this coffee has been called the “cabernet of coffees.” (currently out of stock)
  • Hawaiian Maui Mokka
    • A cultivar of the original coffee plants found in the birthplace of coffee, Yemen, these beans were revived on the island of Maui. Uncommon and exceptional, these beans are incredibly small and yield a brew with rich notes of dark chocolate with just a hint of spicy sweetness.

Which Teas?

Our patriotic teas include the following:

  • White Pekoe
    • Our White Pekoe comes from a small farm in the Fujian Province of China. Delicate and with a brilliant flavor, this tea is hand-picked then dried without oxidization or steaming.
  • Rooibos African Red Bush
    • This herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free. The flavorful brew is sweet with a slight nuttiness that can be enjoyed without any sweeteners or creamers.
  • Blue Eyes Tisane
    • Made with our base of rosehips and hibiscus leaves, our Blue Eyes tisane has rich flavors of apples and oranges for a bright and refreshing flavor either hot or cold.

Which Gift Sets/Samplers?

Can’t decide on just one? Looking for a gift set for a 4th of July hostess gift? Choose one of our patriotic gift sets.

Patriotic Flavored Coffee Gift Set

  • Raspberry Cream
  • Coconut Cream
  • Blueberry Cream

Grown in the USA Gift Set (currently out of stock)

  • Maui Red Catuai
  • Maui Yellow Caturra
  • Hawaiian Maui Mokka

Patriotic Trio

  • Cherries Jubilee
    • Rich and decadent, our Cherries Jubilee Flavored coffee has flavors of dark, red cherries and cherry brandy along with vanilla and cream to create the posh dessert flavor.
  • White Chocolate Mousse
    • Our White Chocolate Mousse Flavored coffee has sweet white chocolate with hints of vanilla in this creamy flavored brew.
  • Blueberry Cream

Patriotic Tea Gift Set

  • Rooibos African Red Bush
  • White Pekoe
  • Blue Eyes Tisane

Visit our Hope for the Warriors page here to learn more. We hope you enjoy your 4th of July celebrations!

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