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These 7 Coffees Are Ideal For Taking Part In Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade CoffeeOctober is Fair Trade Month. You may have heard and seen Fair Trade before and wondered exactly what it means. Fairtrade America, the Fair Trade Federation, and Fair Trade USA have all addressed what Fair Trade is and how it benefits those in developing and marginalized areas. But to summarize, in the past, global trade has put poor farmers and workers in developing countries at a disadvantage. They have had to work harder for less. Fair Trade seeks to try to level the field.   Fair Trade is a simple way to support small farmers and workers growing and producing goods by providing a fair price for their commodities. In essence, the rights of the producers are just as important as the commercial profits.  

How Does Fair Trade Help?

By purchasing items that are Fair Trade, you help the farmers and makers by providing:
  • - Better working conditions
  • - A better life for their families
  • - A chance to improve their communities
  Fair Trade products receive a minimum price which protects the farmers or producers when market fluctuations drop prices to an unsustainable level. This price is determined by the product and where it is produced. When the market price is higher than the Fair Trade minimum, the producers receive the market price.  

How Can You Help?

When you purchase Fair Trade products, you make a real difference in the lives of these producers. At CoffeeAM we have a number of coffees that are both organic and Fair Trade.  
  • Organic Timor Fair Trade
  • A spicy and herbal medium-roasted coffee with a medium body and good acidity.
  • Organic Bolivia “Colonial Caranavi” Fair Trade
  • Light-bodied with a citrusy aroma and flavors of nutty chocolate, this light-roasted coffee has a clean, smooth finish.
  • Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade
  • This medium-light roasted coffee is soft and light-bodied with floral aromas and flavors of spice and wine.
  • Organic Guatemala “Santiago Atitlan” Fair Trade
  • Smooth and robust, this medium roasted coffee has a heavy body with a touch of sweetness and high acidity which gives it a brightness that will awaken your senses.
  • Organic Nicaragua “Ceocafen” Fair Trade
  • Rich and earthy, this medium-light roasted coffee is ideal for any time of day.
  • Organic Sumatra “Black Satin Roast” Fair Trade
  • This dark roasted beauty is intense and heavy with earthy flavors and a slightly smoky overtone. A hint of spice highlights the touch of bitterness at the finish.
  • Organic Sumatra “Gayo Mountain” Fair Trade
  • A medium-dark roasted coffee that is full-bodied and has a deep, rich flavor. With sweet overtones and low acidity, it finishes with a bit of spice and very little bitterness.
  Consider making a difference in the lives of our coffee farmers with the purchase of one of these popular and best-selling coffees today.  
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