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The price of gourmet coffee...

We all know that gourmet coffee from CoffeeAM is exceptional because of the freshness, but did you know that you could be saving money by drinking gourmet coffee?  Do the math...we did!  Remember that coffeeAM bags are one FULL pound, not like the 12oz bags you find in the grocery store.  Also, take into consideration the fact that we almost always offer a free 1/2lb at checkout.  Right out of the gate you are almost always getting 24oz of coffee instead of 12oz so you would think you'd be paying twice as much, right?  Guess again.  Buy a 5lb bag of your favorite gourmet coffee and save even more!  Luxurious coffee without the luxury price! Let's not forget that we are talking freshly roasted here, not some name brand that has been sitting on the shelf for possibly months after being can do better than that!  If you love coffee, that is simply not an option.  Would you drink a soda left open for months? No! It's going to be flat and stale. Don't let that be the case with your coffee! You tell me...What is it that CoffeeAM does that keeps you coming back for more?  Hit the comment button, we want to know!  


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