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Tea Tuesday: Top-Rated Teas and Flavors

We've been brewing gourmet coffee for years now, but we have a love and passion for tea just as much. Tea is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, second only to water. Though coffee is still king in the United States, the trends are changing, partly due to the discovery of its health benefits and the variety of international flavors. American consumers are warming up to gourmet and exotic teas, and younger consumers are more open-minded when it comes to trying these foreign flavors. If you're just now getting ready to venture into the world of tea, but you’re not sure where to begin, our top loose-leaf teas, herbal teas, and tisanes are a good place to start.

Iced Tea Blend

If you are starting to get bored with your average cup of iced tea, then this iced tea blend of loose-leaf black tea is the perfect change of pace. Drink it hot or cold any time of the year, not just during the summer. You can easily brew it using a French Press or a teapot that is designed for loose-leaf teas. Its enhanced flavor profile and consistency makes it maintain the same great taste whether sweetened or unsweetened. Once you try this, you won’t go back to the artificial, grocery store tea bags.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 12.52.23 PM

Formosa Oolong Tea (1/2 lb. Bag)

Oolong tea derives its name from a Chinese word meaning ‘Black Dragon,’ which is appropriate, considering it is a cross between green and black tea. Formosa Oolong teas are produced in Taiwan, and are gaining popularity in the United States. Enjoy a natural, delicate, balanced flavor that you cannot get from store-bought teas. The best part—you don’t have to dip deep into your wallet or wait too long to have this delicious experience.

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Darjeeling Tea: Finest Tippy (1/2lb Bag)

India’s foremost producer of premium quality black teas is Darjeeling, in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. But, you don’t have to make that trek to savor the authentic flavor of Darjeeling Tea. Simply sit at your kitchen table, and let a hot cup transport you there. It engages all the senses, with an appearance that is just as beautiful as its light, almost wine-like taste, and its fresh, pleasant aroma. You will soon see why many consider it to be some of the finest tea in the world.

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This is just a mere sampling of our most popular teas. Discover what else is brewing at CoffeeAM, and soon you will be sipping gourmet favorites from around the globe in the comfort of your own home or office.
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