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Tea Tuesday: Three Must-Try Brews for the Fall Season

In just a few weeks, we will, at last, see the first day of the fall season. Kids are back in school, it’s getting cooler outside, and the leaves will soon change colors and fall. The cooler weather also signifies the time of the year when farmers celebrate the harvest of their produce. Fall is also the perfect time to sit out and relax with a cup of hot or cold tea. Get into the spirit of the season, and trade in that cup of boring brew for something new and refreshing. You will add some flavor to your fall afternoon, and your brew, when you try these three tantalizing teas.   Apple Spice Flavored Tea Apple Spice Flavored TeaFall is the best time of the year for apple picking and eating too, as the cool weather allows for the crispiest and juiciest varieties. Since going to the apple orchard is not always possible, this tea will allow you to enjoy those authentic flavors at your convenience and leisure, in your own kitchen. Apple spiced with cinnamon is seamlessly blended into a Chinese black tea for a fresh taste of fall, that maintains the same splendid flavor, whether served hot, cold, sweetened, or plain. For those who are watching their weight and counting calories, there is absolutely no worry, as the tea has only two calories! Also, if you are always on the go, and constantly find yourself rushed for time, you only have to wait a couple of minutes for a delicious taste of tea.   Lemon Spice Flavored Tea LEMON SPICE FLAVORED TEA You may be missing your summer of drinking ice-cold lemonade by the swimming pool, but don’t fret, we have you covered for fall. The solution? Invigorating, lemon spice flavored tea. This colorful combination of loose-leaf Chinese black tea, lemon, cinnamon, and a dash of spices is a balance of fresh flavor, and bright aroma--a true delight to the senses. Surprise guests at your next fall get together, who may be expecting the standard beverage selection, and make the event even more memorable for you and your guests alike.   Peach Peppermint Flavored Tea Peach Peppermint Flavored TeaDrinking this tea becomes a complete sensory experience, not just another ordinary cup. Perhaps, this is why it is one of our best selling teas. A base of Chinese black tea, infused with peppermint flavoring, and a bit of calendula (pot marigold) petals, combined with a gentle aroma of sweet peach, is a cool OR warm way to start the day. This may literally sound like a mouthful, but you will be pleasantly surprised with how these tastes and smells come together to make a cohesive cup of tea, that once you try, you’ll keep coming back. This fall, get a taste of what the season is all about—the sights, the sounds, the smells, and most importantly the flavors. Cure the summer blues with a hot (or cold) cup of freshly brewed tea, and perk up your palate with each and every sip. At CoffeeAM, you’ll find the teas and coffees to suit your tastes, and those of your friends and family.
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