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Tea Tuesday: Gifts for the Tea-Lover in Your Life

When it comes to hot beverages, people are, for the most part, either team coffee or team tea. In the United States, coffee is still the most popular means of getting caffeine. But, recently, tea consumption has picked up significantly in the US. What makes tea so appealing? Just ask your tea-loving friends! Perhaps, it’s the soothing feeling it gives you, or the array of uncommon flavors, or maybe the extensive health benefits. Whatever the case may be, they have a strong connection to a good cup of tea. Are you hoping to impress those passionate tea drinkers in your life with an unexpected, gourmet gift? Leave it to CoffeeAM! You can choose a set from our list, or we would be happy to put together a custom tea gift set, taking the stress out of your shopping experience. No matter what your budget may be, we are confident that you will be able to find just the right gift. Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Gourmet Tea Sampler

Gourmet Tea Sampler No matter the occasion, this Gourmet Tea Sampler is a beautifully packaged gift containing not one, not two, but EIGHT, 2 oz. tea and tisane samplings! It will not only brighten someone’s day, but it will be a unique way to experience many different cultures—Japan, Russia, and Africa, just to name a few. Not only does it contain a variety of teas, but it also conveniently comes with one tea infuser. Best of all, this set will be a refreshing change from those average, boring, tea bags.  

Tea Connoisseur Set

Tea Connoisseur SetYou don’t need to be a tea expert, by any means, to truly love our fresh, gourmet Tea Connoisseur Set. If you or your gift recipient has very high tea standards, then this set is ideal, as it is of particularly high-end quality. You will find four loose-leaf teas from India, China, and Japan, in addition to our most popular 2-cup Bodum teapot, and even a set of brewing instructions. Even better—you can enjoy those premium flavors without spending much. As you can see, we have actually put together a convenient and complete tea experience.  

Ancient Tea Brick

Ancient Tea BrickOnce used in ancient China as currency, the Ancient Tea Brick is now a symbol of history, which can actually serve two purposes. At first glance, it looks like just an old brick. But, it can be used as a unique decorative piece OR it can even be chipped and steeped as a gourmet tea! The brick is composed of loose-leaf tea that has ben pressed together and embossed. It will spark the curiosity of your gift recipient, and will, of course, be an instant conversation starter. Don’t let the search for the perfect tea gift dampen your giving spirit. CoffeeAM has got you covered, no matter your budget, or your needs. If you wish, we can even ship your gift directly to your recipient! Please explore the delicious options available to you at CoffeeAM today.
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