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Take More Time for Yourself with Single-Serve Coffee

The kids are back in school adding more parent/teacher meetings, keeping up with homework and those pesky forms, “mom’s taxi” rides to and from extra-curricular activities, AND the holidays are right around the corner. It doesn’t leave much time for taking care of you.

sticky notes on steering wheel, stressed mom

Well, we might just have something that will help. Our single-serve coffee pods are the perfect way to quickly get your coffee brewed for any reason. Get you out the door fast in the morning, convenient pick-me-up before tackling homework assignments, evening energy boost before heading to gymnastics or lacrosse, or just to steal a few extra minutes for yourself.

relaxed mom helping daughter with homework with a cup of coffee

Our single-serve coffee pods, designed to work with most Keurig-type coffee machines (including the Keurig 2.0!) are a lifesaver. And the coffee brewed with our coffee pods tastes better than most you can get from the store. Just like our bagged coffee, we roast our single-serve coffee to order. We then grind it and pack the cups right here on-site. It is then shipped right to your doorstep, ready to get you on your way.

With 14 different coffees available in our iFill, eco-friendly coffee pods, you have choices. Enjoy some of our best-selling single-origins, blends, organics, and even a decaf.

Guatemala Antigua - Best-seller - Velvety-rich and full-bodied, our Guatemala Antigua is savory with a spicy twinge.

Sumatra Black Satin - Best-seller - This dark roast is great on its own or can be the basis for a quick coffee drink. The distinct, heavy flavor with an unmistakable smoky flavor 

Tanzania Peaberry - Best-seller - Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, this bright and lively cup is a delicious treat.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Best-seller - Soft and fragrant, this distinctive coffee is an exotic classic. Savor the spicy herbal flavors that this exotic brew offers.

Kenya AA - Best-seller - Large beans packed with flavor are the hallmark of any AA designated coffee and our Kenya AA has them both. Bold and heavy with complex sweetness and a pungent aroma, you’ll know when this coffee is brewing.

Costa Rica Reserve - This delicious Central American coffee is rich in chocolaty-caramel notes and has a sharp, clean finish. Refreshing!

Kona Blend - A combination of pure Hawaiian Kona and Central and South American arabica beans yields a smooth coffee with intense aroma and chocolaty/nutty undertones.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend - Best-seller - JBM blended with Central and South American arabica beans brings you a mild coffee with rich flavor and a full body. Zero bitterness makes this ready to drink straight from the brewer.

Breakfast Blend - Mellow out your crazy morning with a cup of our signature Breakfast Blend. A cup of this coffee and you won’t mind the carpool lane.

French Roast - Best-seller - Another single-serve that can help you make your morning coffee drinks faster and easier. Perfect for adding creamers and flavorings or enjoy it as is!

Bali Blue Moon - Creamy chocolate, rich vanilla, and a syrupy sweetness all combine to make a coffee you’re sure to love. 

Brazil Cerrado - New - This well-balanced coffee is earthy with a medium-body and delightful hints of chocolate. The clean finish make this a perfect choice with a meal.

Colombia Supremo ‘La Valle Verde’ - Best-seller/New - This best-seller has a light sweetness and is perfectly balanced with a clean, fresh flavor.

Organic Decaf ‘Swiss Water’ Peru - Best-seller/New - For our customers who prefer to limit their caffeine, this is the choice to get you on your way. Full-flavored, decaf, and ready at the push of a button? It’s the triple-threat of coffee.

We start with our 100% pure arabica bean coffee and never pre-fill our coffee pods, preferring to roast our coffee to order. Our revolutionary coffee pod design has a filter that fits the entire pod, filling it with more coffee than standard coffee pods. Rather than a paper filter that only allows about half of the pod to be filled with coffee, adding more coffee means more flavor! This ensures your single-serve coffee experience is the tastiest.

And because the filter liner is made from polypropylene, you can easily recycle by tossing the entire used pod into the recycle bin. No need to separate the paper from the plastic.

So, you have one of those reusable coffee pods? That’s awesome! But have you noticed your coffee is a little weaker? That’s because the cup is designed just like the smaller paper filters inside those store-bought single-serve pods.

Not to mention, when you’re in a hurry, do you really want to fill the cup yourself then empty and rinse it before heading out the door? Our K-cup style coffee pods make it super easy to get you back to what you were doing or on to the next thing with speed and style. 

Let our single-serve coffee pods help you to enjoy life more.

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