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Summer's Coming: Time for Iced Coffee!

We're excited about our new batch of Costa Rican coffee from Café de Altura de San Ramon! "Producing the best coffee in harmony with nature," this co-op strives to provide the best coffee at the best price. Since their inception in 2004, Café San Ramon has grown and flourished. Over 1,700 families in Costa Rica are supported by the cooperative, all of which is possible because of the sale of Café San Ramon coffee. Café San Ramon coffee has won numerous awards in its eight years of existence, including two Cup of Excellence awards. This top-quality coffee is decadently rich and very flavorful, and it's a perfect coffee to serve iced! Check out our Summer Drinks page for info on other great summer coffees, teas, smoothies, and more.  You'll even find easy recipes for iced coffee and more that we know you'll want to try out!
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