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Sulawesi Coffee

shutterstock_83544229 Sulawesi Coffee from Toraja The people who reside on the island of Sulawesi have a unique culture, involving their very own language, religion, artistic and architectural style, this has led to the development of a coffee unlike any other. They build unique houses in the shapes of the traditional boasts that early tribes would have used for their daily lives, including fishing, war, transport, and head hunting. They construct these houses to a level of art and scrupulousness that people have begun to attach to the culture. Strictly traditional, fiercely independent, and without exception striving for excellence, these people have put forth this same spirit into their coffee beans, creating a smooth cup of coffee that does not lack in spice and flare like so many others do. Sulawesi is the 11th largest Island in the World, and 4th Largest Island in Indonesia. It brings a unique history because of how it was formed, being believed to have been formed by the collision of the Geological plates that Australia and Asia resides on. This caused its mountains to rise up high above 1000 meters, and left large deposits of iron in soil, a trait that many people contribute the unique taste of the Sulawesi coffee beans to. The beans that we carry come from Toraja the most famous coffee region on the island. The altitudes rise between 1400 and 1900 meters, creating the best environment to grow coffee on Sulawesi, just outside the capital of Kalossi. 95% of the coffee from Sulawesi comes from small holders and small farms, and you can truly feel the diversity this brings to the cup. Beans are processed in an ancient method: The coffee cherries themselves are mashed mechanically to remove their husk, and are then left to sit for a night with their mucous like pulp still on the bean, until they are sun dried the next day. The people of the Toraja region have used this technique for generations, and believe it to remove the acidity in the bean, while preserving other flavors. The flavor contrast that these beans have to Sumatran, or other Indonesian coffees in part due to this difference: Sumatran beans are fermented to remove their fruit, and in that process, they lose acidity and grow very mellow. Sulawesi Kalossi beans share the traits of a mellow low acidity, but have a strong difference in the herbal and spicy embellishments these beans can produce in the cup. Flavors from chocolate to herbal, berry to spice appear in each pour. The smell is complex like a selection of different chocolates with different fillings. Slight hints of vanilla and berry, bittersweet chocolate, and light citrus notes rise to meet you in such a way that you are reluctant to even take a sip of the coffee, as to have to break from such a sensation. Complex but mellow, these beans make a perfect after dinner coffee, leaving you to stop and enjoy the flavors on your pallet, as they wash to that thick finish that Indonesian coffees are famous for. This is one of my favotite coffees at CoffeeAM! Toraja Village Sulawesi, Canoe
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