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Spooky Flavored Coffees Just For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. For those of you who are Halloween fans, kids at heart, or just like candy-flavored coffees, we have choices just for you.

halloween coffee with jack-o-lantern and ghost cupcake

Great for getting into the Halloween spirit, for adult treats at the kids’ Halloween party, for adult treats at the adults’ Halloween party, as a gift for your college-age kid’s Halloween care package, or any time (really). You can purchase these coffees singly or as a collection. 

Franken-Fudge Brownie

Our Franken-Fudge Brownie Flavored coffee has delightful flavors of creamy milk chocolate, syrupy maple walnut, rich vanilla, and toasted pecans all stitched together with our 100% pure arabica bean coffee. It’s spooky how delicious this yummy coffee is.

Mummy Mudslide

Mummy Mudslide Flavored coffee is a non-alcoholic nod to the popular cocktail of the same name. Get wrapped up in the sweet milk chocolate, silky cream, and just a hint of Mexican liqueur that gives this iconic flavored coffee its name.

Witches’ Brew

For the ultimate in Halloween candy flavors, our Witches’ Brew Flavored coffee is based on the popular Trick-or-Treat staple, candy corn. You’ll cackle with delight over the scrumptious flavors of gooey praline, smooth honey butter, velvety cream, and sweet Vermont maple syrup. 

Monster Mashup Coffee Collection

If you can’t make up your mind, you want to have choices, or you’re looking for a Halloween gift, choose our Monster Mashup Coffee Collection. With one-pound bags of each of our Halloween flavored coffees, our Monster Mashup Collection is a veritable graveyard smash. 

Each of our Halloween-inspired coffees has a Halloween label and is perfect for gift giving or displaying at your Halloween party. If you are choosing any of our Halloween coffees as a gift, be sure to include your recipient’s name for that extra touch of personalization.

If you don’t see what you wanted in your Halloween bucket, there are other candy flavored coffees you can choose from instead (they just won’t have special Halloween labels). Other choices are our 

Peanut Butter Cup Flavored coffee - One of the most favorite candy bars (if you can call peanut butter cups candy bars) of all time is the inspiration for this fan favorite. Rich milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter swirl together for this tasty treat.

Caramel Apple Flavored coffee - You can’t have Halloween without caramel apples! The mouthwatering flavor of tart apples dipped in gooey caramel makes this coffee a delicious choice.

Chocolate Mint Flavored coffee - Those tiny chocolaty, minty candies pack a lot of flavor into a small package. Make the flavor last with a cup of this delectable coffee.

Peppermint Patty Flavored coffee - Cooling peppermint coated with milk chocolate. You can’t wait to bite into that crisp candy. You’ll experience the same sensation with this candy coffee.

S’mores Flavored coffee - Graham crackers, milk chocolate, and melted marshmallow make up this delicious fall bonfire treat. Enjoy a cup of our S’mores Flavored coffee without all the work and mess.

Now that you have some frightfully delicous choices for the upcoming spooky holiday, which do you hope you’ll find at the end of the night?

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